Favorite Actors/Actresses in Roles

Well, now I will write a list of my favorite actors in various roles. I know some people have seen these actors before. You don’t have to agree with everything-these are only opinions. Yes, there were be some casts where I might leave a character off- that happens to be the case if I don’t remember the others or have a hard time deciding. In addition, will be missing some shows I love.

  1. Elphaba- Mary Kate Morrissey
  2. Glinda- Amanda Jane Copper
  3. Fiyero- Ashley Parker Angel
  4. Jack Kelly- Joey Barreiro
  5. Javert- Jeremy Secomb
  6. Cosette- Jillian Butler
  7. Eponine- Samantha Barks
  8. Marius- Joshua Grosso
  9. Thenardiers- Phil Daniels and Katy Secombe
  10. Kim- Emily Bautista
  11. Chris- Anthony Festa
  12. Ellen-Stacie Bono
  13. John- J. Daughtry
  14. The Engineer- Eymard Cabling
  15. Sophie- Amanda Seyfried
  16. Maria- Julie Andrews
  17. Aladdin- Mena Massoud
  18. Jasmine- Naomi Scott
  19. Babkak, Omar, and Kassim- Zach Bencal, Ben Chavez Colt Prattez
  20. Beast- Dan Stevens
  21. Belle- Emma Watson
  22. Simba- Jared Nixon
  23. Nala- Nia Halloway
  24. Joseph- Donny Osmond
  25. Leading Player- Lisa Karlin
  26. Pippin- Sam Lips

This list is all I have for now.

Some of these actors have no choice, but to be my favorite. That ends up being the case if I only have one cast or if they are the only ones I remember. A few of these are understudies: Mary Kate Morrissey, Lisa Karlin, and Eymard Cabling. A few of them were the first in a role- so that sometimes gives them a huge advantage.

What about you, what are some of your favorite actors in a role?

4 thoughts on “Favorite Actors/Actresses in Roles

  1. I just watched (again) Phantom of the Opera with my daughter last week. Do you like that musical? I thought Gerard Butler couldn’t sing very well, but my daughter said she liked his gruffy voice, that it matched his character. What do you think?
    For Les Mis, I love the harmonies of Cosette and Eponine and Marius.

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    • I love Phantom of the Opera- I am not the biggest fan of the movie either.

      I saw both the 25th anniversary special and the stage show of Phantom of the Opera. Cooper Grodin, Grace Morgan, and Ben Jacoby were the trio on tour. I really started to connect to Christine in this tour- I think a lot of it had to do with Grace Morgan, an understudy for the role. I got choked up watching this, and was spellbound from start to finish.

      While Ramin Kairmloo, Sierra Boggess, and Hadley Fraser were my trio in the 25th special of Phantom of the Opera.

      Such a hauntingly beautiful musical.

      In Les Mis’ case, my strongest love triangle doesn’t even consist of my favorite individual actors. My favorite Cosette, Marius, and Eponine are from two separate love triangles.

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  2. I do have a few favorites for certain roles, but most of those are based off of cast recordings since that’s the main way I get to listen to various roles–and it’s also those performances I get most familiar with. I really like Willemijn Verkaik as Elphaba; I think she’s absolutely spectacular. I also really love Samantha Barks as Éponine; I think she’s probably my favorite Éponine ever. Julia Udine was the Christine I saw on Broadway, and I really loved her in the role. I really loved Hayden Tee as Javert, too, when I saw Les Miz on Broadway. I think that Earl Carpenter is probably my favorite in the role, though!


    • Two of my favorites are my very first actor/actress found in a role. That really does explain Joey Barreiro and Samantha Barks: first Jack Kelly and Eponine.

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