Unique Musical Theatre Tag

I have seen various musical theatre tags on wordpress. I decided to create a brand new one. I will even answer the questions.

  1. Favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical- Phantom of the Opera

2) Favorite Stephen Schwartz Musical-Wicked

3) Favorite Golden Age Musical-Sound of Music

4) Favorite Contemporary Musical (starting in the 1980s)- tie between Wicked and Les Mis

5) The Musical that Sparked your Love- Wicked

6) Musical that made you Passionate about musicals-Les Mis

7) A Musical that Never should have Been made- Love Never Dies

8) First Musical you Remember seeing Live- Wicked

9) Favorite Musical Movie-Les Mis

10) A Musical you didn’t like at First, but eventually you did- Les Mis

11) First musical you saw in a Major Musical district (West End or Broadway)- will use both. Wicked for Broadway and Les Mis for The West End

12) Example of actor that took you off Guard- I have two. Joshua Grosso as Marius and Mary Kate Morrissey as Elphaba


Yes, this has a lot of Wicked and Les Mis, but that does show how meaningful both musicals are to me. I will tag anyone to do this new tag.

19 thoughts on “Unique Musical Theatre Tag

  1. This is a great tag! I’ll just put my answers here:
    1) Phantom of the Opera
    2) Wicked
    3) Probably Cinderella, Oliver!, or The Music Man
    4) Les Miz or Elisabeth. For more recent musicals, Something Rotten! or Hadestown–though Hadestown I can only base off of hearing the songs.
    5) Oliver!
    6) Phantom of the Opera and Les Miz
    7) I agree — Love Never Dies! I do like some of the songs, but it was an unnecessary addition to the story.
    8) Beauty and the Beast
    9) Oliver!, Cinderella, Hello, Dolly!, Les Miz
    10) Les Miz, Mozart!
    11) Les Miz was the first show I saw on Broadway, but I saw Phantom of the Opera on the same trip, just the next day.
    12) I was very pleasantly surprised by Thomas Borchert’s performance in Tanz der Vampire on the CD I have. I had heard him sing before, wasn’t all that impressed, but I really loved his performance on that CD!

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  2. I love this tag! I’ll do this on my blog soon, and tag you in so that you can see what I’ve put. I love musicals so much, and I can’t wait for UK Theatres to reopen, when it is safe to do so. Hannah


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