Filmed Shows/Concerts I Own

One of my favorite parts of my musical theatre collection are the filmed shows that I own or my family owns. Those come from Rent, Phantom of the Opera, and Les Mis.

While the above picture shows the film of Les Mis, it shows the two filmed concerts I own. I first the saw 25th concert in December 2013 when I rented it on iTunes. I made the decision to watch the 25th due to Samantha Barks, a standout and my favorite Eponine, after realizing she played the same role in the 25th. I loved the 25th—not just the actual concert, but the “Bring Him Quartet”, “The Original Cast ‘One Day More’, and the students from student productions singing “Do You Hear the People Sing”. Alfie, Samantha, and Ramin were three standouts from the concert. Like with any Les Mis, was an emotional wreck.

As for the 10th, I actually got see Jenny Galloway again as Madame Thenardier- she played the same part in the 25th. The 10th concert actually felt as if I will never get a chance to watch. I did not not want to actually own it until I saw the concert. Seeing Jenny with Alun was incredible: when you see the same actor again with another is actually exciting. This actually was my 2nd time seeing Alun Armstrong: I saw him as Squeers in the 9 hr Nicholas Nickleby. What I loved about their dynamic was seeing just how abusive and despicable the Thenardiers are. The fact I saw some Original Cast Members were special: Colm Wilkinson as Valjean, Micheal Ball as Marius, and Micheal McGuire as Enjolras was special. I NEVER get to see Original Casts due to not living in NYC. Then at the end, with 17 Valjeans’ singing “Do You Hear the People Sing”. Well, an emotional wreck once again. For more on my opinions on the 10th: go below:

I didn’t actually have a picture of the Final Broadway Cast film. So, I used a picture from the musical itself. I fell in love with Rent by music alone, which is the hardest way to fall in love with a musical due to not knowing who sings the song and the fact it is out of context. My first time I actually saw the stage show of Rent was the Final Broadway Cast. Rent, actually, in terms of emotional wreck is the next level down from Les Mis. Incredible cast, and loved it when the Original Cast sang, I believe “Seasons of Love” at the end.

In 2017, I saw the actual stage show live at Belk Theater with my mom and dad-which made me fall in love with the musical even more.

I had to use a picture from when I saw the stage show of Phantom of the Opera: 2014 at Greenville’s Peace Center with my mom. I actually kinda of forgot that my first cast of Phantom was from the 25th special. My 2nd or 1st time with Ramin: don’t remember what came first- 25th Les Mis or 25th Phantom: saw them both the same month and year. Just like Rent, fell in love with Phantom by music alone. Loved Les Mis and Phantom for seven years now. With Phantom’s 25th, I got to hear a quartet of “Phantom of the Operat”, and hearing the Original Christine sing. I loved both Sierra and Ramin in this special, but still don’t know what to think of Raoul.

8 thoughts on “Filmed Shows/Concerts I Own

  1. I don’t, unfortunately, have too many of these live DVDs. Right now, I only have the Phantom one and A Tale of Two Cities which was also a staged concert. I definitely want to collect more, though!


    • Love the Phantom one- I did once kinda of forgot that was my first time seeing Phantom.

      Love Tale of Two Cities- just never knew it was a musical

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      • A Tale of Two Cities is really good as a musical; I think it was really well done! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have gotten popular enough to have a revival anytime soon but the staged concert is a nice way to experience it, too!


      • After finishing the book, I knew I loved the book- but did not know why. That can be kinda of annoying as in not knowing why you liked something

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  2. This is awesome!! I only have the DVD film of Les Mis; I wish I had the live ones as well! I watched the 17 valjeans performance on Youtube though, and that really was a tear-jerker! Hoping to collect more like Celeste 🤩


    • The DVD film actually is my 2nd copy: I wore out the first. The 25th concert cast was my 3rd cast- the DVD and a community college production came first.

      In total I have eight casts- the 10th being the most recent.

      I love having all of these filmed shows

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