Covid Difficulties

Here is what can be hard about the pandemic. You are in front or in places that you usually go to, but yet know they are empty and dark places. That recently happened to me twice- last week I was downtown and this week at Loaves and Fishes. So, what was hard about that?

My family went downtown to see the big “Black Lives Matter Mural” and the Climate Change Globes (reminds me of looking for Shaun the Sheep). Two of those globes were in front of Belk Theater. Belk may not be the biggest theater, but the main Blumenthal Theater. Belk hosts Opera Carolina, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Charlotte Ballet, Local and Touring Musicians, and Broadway Tours. So literally knowing that the theater is dark and empty was kind of difficult. The next time I was supposed to be at Belk was in October for Frozen. I only got to see Come From Away and La Bohème. I found ways to stay connected to musical theatre: Shows Must Go On, Disney Sing A-Longs, Disney Concert, and just watching musical movies and listening to Broadway songs.

Then this week, after Loaves and Fishes, I actually ended up inside of my family church. Just like musicals, worship also means something to me. Every Sunday, I want to go sing hymns and feel connected to Christ. I was born with a Strong Spirit, and that was part of why I want to be back in the Church. But it turned into a virtual church service. What I do instead of that is listen to Contemporary Christian Music every Sunday.

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