The Importance of This Date

Today is July 28th. You might be wondering what is so special about a particular month and day. Well five years ago to this day, my family left Charlotte to go to London. We went from Charlotte to Atlanta to London landing in London on July 29th. When we arrived in London, I did not believe we were there. Eventually, I found the West End filers, and from those alone I really knew for a fact that we were in London. I ended up choosing the Les Mis filer because I would be seeing Les Mis on the 30th.

What are the things my family did in London?

Platform 9 and 3/4- my sister and I have seen Harry Potter growing up.

Les Mis- there are multiple things I loved about this night. Now only was my mom and I watching Les Mis, but my dad and sister got to do their own thing. Seeing Les Mis in the West End was my dream, which fit perfectly into what I was doing in England. From Valjean’s spiritual journey to my own.

Below are two pictures from London.

Windsor Castle- this is the first thing my family did will all the pilgrims. In total, there were 72 pilgrims. It started with changing of the guards before entering.

Walking Tour of London- while on the 29th, my family did walk around the Westminster Area, this time felt different. But this tour made me see things that were not seen and others closer. This is how I was able to see Buckingham Palace, and closer to the London Eye. We saw same of the same areas from before, but a closer view

Evensong at Westminster- all the pilgrims sat in the quire at Westminster. We went to Evensong to help prepare us for what to expect in Bristol.

Eucharist at St. Paul’s- we actually got to sit under the beautiful dome. After, there was some free time. My family walked to the Millennium Bridge for more Harry Potter fun- that was the bridge the death eaters destroyed in Half Blood Prince.

Tower of London- while there wasn’t time to go inside, there was still time to walk around. My family first walked on the Tower Bridge. While walking around Tower of London, I was able to see some jousting. .

Leaving London- I actually was kinda of nervous leaving London: the two buses met everyone at the Tower of London. One bus was used for choir members and the other family, parishioners, and friends. Everyone arrived to Bristol late all because it was chaotic leaving London. Here is what I do know: if I ever go back to England, I want to stay in London the entire time.

3 thoughts on “The Importance of This Date

  1. Oh my gosh, London, I love this city!! Your time there sounds lovely – I mean, watching Les Mis live at West End must’ve been amazing!! I’ve also visited London before, and I remember going to Harry Potter World and drinking Butter Beer there!! ❤️


    • Les Mis wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for going up early- that night was “I don’t how to describe it”. I didn’t really get the full gist of London due to staying mostly in Bristol.

      So if I ever go back to England, I want to stay in London.

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      • Yes, I could imagine! I watched the 2014 revival of Les Mis in Broadway, and I remember watching Ramin Karimloo live – honestly one of the best things that’s ever happened to me in my life!

        I’ve never been to Bristol, and I would definitely love to visit some time (well obviously when the virus calms down!)


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