The Aeronauts Review

One of the most recent movies I watched was The Aeronauts. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones star in this film. So I literally saw a revolutionary turn into a wizard to an Aeronaut- meaning I saw Eddie in Les Mis, Fantastic Beasts, and The Aeronauts. Of course, this movie was based off of true events, but there are some fictional parts.

In 1862 headstrong scientist James Glaisher and wealthy young widow Amelia Wren mount a balloon expedition to fly higher than anyone in history. As their perilous ascent reduces their chances of survival, the unlikely duo soon discover things about themselves — and each other — that help both of them find their place in the world.

These two went up in a hot air balloon- their aim was to fly higher than other aeronauts did. Mr. Galisher (Redmayne) wanted to see if there was a way to predict weather and save more people. Amelia Wren (Jones) was fictional. They literally went up about 37,000 feet. These two had to deal with frost bite among other dangers that happen when you are too high up. What Glisher did was one of the first steps to how we predict weather now. These two characters had to figure out how to survive- sometimes it would take teamwork to figure that out. I still can’t figure out how they will able to survive, but somehow they did.

I am not the biggest fan of nonfiction, but every once in a while I can find something I actually like. I actually decided to watch this film because of Eddie Redmayne- I already loved him as Marius and Newt. I still have three more Fantastic Beasts movies to watch.

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