7 thoughts on “Author/Book Series #7

  1. I generally consider books written before 1930 to be classics–I guess this is pretty much just a little bit of a stretch of the most typical definition of what a classic is. That said, there are books published after that, like The Lord of the Rings, or Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury–just for example–that certainly feel like classics, due to their large cultural impact.


    • I feel like classics are from the 19th century and before. Still can’t believe the classics I already read.

      1. Les Misérables
      2. Hunchback of Notre Dame
      3. A Christmas Carol
      4. Oliver Twist
      5. Nicholas Nickleby
      6. David Copperfield
      7. Great Expectations
      8. Tale of Two Cities
      9. Don Quixote
      10. Illiad
      11. Odyssey

      Those are ones I choose to read. Almost done with another- Anna Karenina, which I disliked more than the ones I just mentioned

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      • I just finished Anna Karenina today. The next classics I own are Bleak House, Hard Times, Gulliver’s Travels, Kidnapped, and War and Peace.

        Today was able to start a new book: A Darker Shade of Magic. 1st book of a new fantasy series I started


      • I’m the same with Celeste, I’ve got so many classics to catch up on! For me, I’d consider classics to be any book that’s really made an impact, so not only restricted to a certain time period – though it makes sense that most classics were written around that time since there were so many major literary movements happening then!


      • I sort of came up with idea of “old” and “new” classics. The old classics are from the 19th century and earlier while the new ones started in the 20th century

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