Musical Movies I Would Recommend

If you live outside of a place that isn’t well known for musical, there still has to be a way to exposed to musicals. Well, this is when musical movies and filmed stage shows come in handy. In addition, musical movies are one of the easiest ways to fall in love with musicals especially during this crisis. What are some of my recommendations.

Les Mis

Well, the 2012 movie was how I fell in love with Les Mis. What I really loved about this movie is how the actors were singing live on set. It has a combo of film actors and stage actors. Yes, the plot can seem confusing at first or even too heartbreaking. But if you search deeper, you will realize the musical is also uplifting and inspiring. It is the easiest to start with the movie: to get used to the plot and fall in love with the songs.

Phantom of the Opera- 25th Special

Well, I saw both the film and 25th special. The 25th is the actual stage show- as in the Original. You have incredible actors. Les Mis may have the 25th and 10th concert films, but not the best way to start with Les Mis. Phantom of the Opera is hauntingly beautiful- the songs show that.

The Greatest Showman

Even though it is not a stage musical, it still is an incredible movie musical. Hugh Jackman really shines at P.T. Barnum: he actually was better in this role- he was Jean Valjean in the Les Mis movie, but shines a lot more as Barnum. The spectacle, the talent, and the songs together are why I would recommend this musical.

Newsies- The Filmed Stage Show

The stage show is SO much better than the movie. It makes the main character, Jack Kelly, more complex and with the addition of Katherine, you get a strong female voice in a cast that is extremely male-based. The filmed stage show has some Original Cast Members. It also is home to mind-blowing dance.

Sound of Music

If you want to start with Rodgers and Hammerstein, I would recommended Sound of Music. It has the incredible Julie Andrews playing Maria. From its exciting numbers to the heartwarming story about music and family to the incredible batch of characters. If you actually fell in love with this movie, I would recommend heading towards Oklahoma, South Pacific, Cinderella, and King and I. Nothing can go wrong with Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Aladdin- Live Action

Disney is an incredible way to start seeing musicals. What I love about the live action movie is that it actually develops well-loved characters further. With the addition of “Speechless”- it makes Jasmine a much stronger character. The actors who play Jasmine and Aladdin are incredible. It is one of the most magical Disney films.

Beauty and the Beast- Live Action

This is such a magical movie. It really shows how “beauty can from within”. It mostly takes place in a castle with enchanting objects. The dance between Belle and Beast is one of the most magical scenes in Disney. With the addition of “Evermore”, it makes the Beast even more complex.

Rent-Final Broadway Cast Film

Rent is truly a story about how to live life. It is talking about living your life in the moment and in love. It focuses on a life of friends in a year during the HIV/AIDS epidemic . Because this is the Final Broadway Cast, you have an incredible cast. It is extremely relevant to now- considering the crisis we are in the middle.

If you are looking for a feel good story, then Mamma Mia is for you. Based on the songs of ABBA, you have an incredible collection of songs. Played by incredible actors. In addition, if you are looking for another feel good story, I would recommend Singin’ in the Rain as well.


I included a lot of incredible musicals to start with. It has the musicals from the feel good stories to more heartbreaking stories. I also can recommend the musical movies of Oliver, Music Man, and Fiddler on the Roof. That is what I have for now.

What musical movies can you add to this?

19 thoughts on “Musical Movies I Would Recommend

  1. I continue to be excited to hear your opinions, which so often express my own thoughts. You have once again picked an incredible selection of suggestions, all of which are excellent choices. An old one that I love as well is 1776. I was lucky enough to catch it on television the other day, because it is rarely shown. If you get the chance, give it a try, and let me know what you think.


  2. Lots of good ones on this list; lots of these are favorites of mine as well! I also really love the 1997 film version of Cinderella, the A Tale of Two Cities filmed staged concert, Hello, Dolly!, and several others!


    • Musical movies are the easiest way to be exposed to musicals- especially now. While I prefer seeing musicals in person, the musical movies can still be incredible


  3. Thank you for this post! I feel like movie musicals are under appreciated and are what start many people’s love of musicals, mine included. One more I would add to this list is Grease, which is what started my love for musicals. I may have watched at a way too young age (I was three… Oops) but after that I never stopped singing. Great list!


  4. The 25th anniversary of POTO is just amazing!! Ramon Karimloo is incredible as the Phantom โ€” Iโ€™m obsessed with his voice ๐Ÿ˜ โ€” and the chemistry with Sierra Boggess is off the charts!

    And I agree that Hugh Jackman shines as PT Barnum. He was obviously great in Les Mis, but I feel like we get to see the true extent of his talent in The Greatest Showman โœจ


    • So true with Hugh Jackman- he is stronger as Barnum as opposed to Valjean. You really get to see his talent shine in Greatest Showman.

      The 25 anniversary of Phantom is sooo much better than the actual film

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      • I nearly forgot that the 25th anniversary of Phantom was my first full experience of Phantom of the Opera. What soon followed was seeing the stage show- I saw it on tour in Greenville as a date with my mom.

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