Who Am I- Outside of Musicals

To several people, they might think I am just this musical theatre fanatic. However, that is so far from the truth. What exactly makes me who I am outside of the musical theatre world?

  1. I am hardworking and determined
  2. My favorite color is pink
  3. I have a strong spirit
  4. I love to volunteer
  5. I love contemporary christian music just as much as I love musicals
  6. I am a bookworm- lover of classics and fantasies
  7. I am a Sociology Major with two minors (Spanish Cultural Studies and Theater)
  8. I love coloring
  9. I am a mountain person- just love being around nature and hiking
  10. I am actually in the middle of becoming an author- 3 ideas being worked on right now
  11. I live in Charlotte, NC- ever since 2002
  12. I actually have been abroad three times: France, Costa Rica, and England
  13. I collect snow-globes
  14. I have visited 18 states (which includes the one I live in), and been to Washington D.C.
  15. I know how to play piano

So you see that humans are not just one thing. Several things makes us who we are- our family, our schools, and friends among other things.

There is a reason why the best characters in any kind of storytelling are complex. Humans are complex so to us those characters are well “human”. The are the characters who deal with conflict, meaning they will show both positive and negative emotions. These are the characters whose backstory is part of why they are complex. Due to being complex, they can be interpreted in many ways- that leads to seeing multiple portrayals of the same character (that is why I tend to combine portrayals).

8 thoughts on “Who Am I- Outside of Musicals

      • Right now, am reteaching Les Mis songs. I have learned them once through my piano teacher, but due to taking a break in piano, I have kinda of forgotten how to play those songs. So I am reteaching myself how to play those songs: due to knowing Les Mis songs so well, it makes it much easier to relearn them.

        If you actually know a song, you can easily tell if you made a mistake and can actually add emotion to those songs

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      • Thats so true. I started practicing keyboard but the fact I hadn’t played a lot since childhood tied my emotions and strength to play. I couldn’t learn back then but I’d love to learn and play now


      • I was taught to play piano from 4th-12th grade.

        When I deferred a semester before going to Gardner Webb, my piano teacher taught me those Les Mis songs. The ones that weren’t learned will saved until the following summer.

        I heard that when it comes to reading music, it is easier to read your dominant hand


  1. I love listening to contemporary Christian music. Thank you for sharing a little about yourself! I hope you have an amazing day!


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