Going back to Newsies

Newsies is the newest Disney musical I fell in love with. It all began August 2016 when I saw the stage show of Newsies at Belk Theater. Joey Barreiro was Jack Kelly, and to this day he still remains my favorite. Well, I saw both the stage show and the 1992 film. I recently revisited the 1992 film. So, what do I prefer over the two.

While I can enjoy the 1992 film, I don’t love it in the way I love the stage show. For starters, I feel like the characters are stronger in the stage show: for example, Jack is a lot more complex in the stage show. In the stage show, Jack Kelly and Crutchie are best friends- their bond is so special. With the addition of Katherine, she is able to give a strong female voice in a cast full of males. Katherine is a strong character- it is hard to say why, but she not only is an incredible reporter, but also a stronger love interest for Jack.

The songs: well, just like the movie, “Seize the Day”, “Carrying the Banner”, “The World Will Know”, “Santa Fe”, and “Once and For All” are in the stage show. However all of these songs are so much better in the stage show. The lyrics are stronger and the melody is better. “Santa Fe” is one instance where you know Jack is a more developed character- it is a sad song in the stage show- after you see Jack watching all of his brothers get hurt and Crutchie getting arrested before “Santa Fe”. You start to see how much he cares about his brothers- he is literally willing to call off of the strike just to keep them safe. “Santa Fe (Prologue)” is more hopeful: it is a duet between Crutchie and Jack Kelly: it actually opens up the musical.

With the addition of Katherine, you see new songs like “Watch What Happens” and “Something to Believe in”. Ever since the US Tour, “Letter from the Refuge” is in all productions: it actually is a solo for Crutchie- further seeing just how optimistic he is. Pulitizer now has some songs of his own- “Bottom Line”.

I even feel like the dance is even more mind-blowing in the stage show. It actually has a Tony Award for Best Choreography. I might be slightly biased on the stage show being better than the 1992 movie because the stage show was my first experience with Newsies.

What you think? What is better- the stage show of Newsies or the 1992 movie?

4 thoughts on “Going back to Newsies

  1. I can’t really say too much about Newsies, since I’m not all that familiar with this particular show! I do love “Santa Fe” and “Seize the Day”, though!


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