A Conjuring of Light Review

The balance of power among the four Londons has reached its breaking point as a dark force of magic converges on the Maresh Empire, weakening its defenses an open a space for another London to rise.

Kell- formerly assumed to be the last surviving Antari- begins to waver under the pressure of competing loyalties. And in the wake of tragedy, can the Maresh Empire survive?

Lila Bard, once a commonplace-but never common-thief , has survived and flourished through a series of magical trials. But now she must learn to control the magic before it bleeds her dry.

While Prince Rhy Maresh struggles to stay alive, the disgraced pirate captain Alucard Emery collects his crew and races to find an impossible cure.

As darkness falls, loyalties will be tested and sacrifices will be made-and a world will meet destruction

Here is what I can say, once you finish A Darker Shade of Magic, you want to read more. You really want to read the rest of the trilogy: that is what happened to me. A Conjuring of Light is the final book in the trilogy.

Conjuring of Light Review-Spoilers

Out of all the three books in the trilogy, this one is the darkest. Osaron, our villain, is trying to destroy and take over Red London. Red London thrives with magic. There is a lot of suspense, plot twists, and well magic. In order to save the place, sacrifices will be made and four of our characters have to go out on sea to find a way to stop Osaron.

While Alucard didn’t exist until Gathering of Shadows, he still serves as one of our most important characters. Kell, Lila, and Holland all go with Alucard to find a type of container that can contain Osaron’s magic. I could not believe it wasn’t until this particular book that I ended up liking Holland for once. Due to the Antari leaving, it does give a kind of advantage to defeat Osaron. The Antari are capable of more magic than the other magicians (Alucard is a magician who isn’t an Antari). Even more was discovered about some of these characters: Lila, for example. I thought it was only Kell and Holland that were Antari, but it turns out that Lila is one as well.

During this sea expedition, Maxim, Emira, Tieren and Rhy (among some other characters) are dealing with the tragedy of Red London. Yes, the four characters who left did know the tragedy Osaron was doing, but not in the same way the ones who remained in Red London. Rhy is Kell’s brother and prince of the Maresh Empire. By the end of the book, the queen and king are dead leaving Rhy to become King. When I started to like Holland, he began to be on the list of I don’t want him to die: turns out, he did. Usually I get angered when an author kills off a character I either like or love. It didn’t happen this time because I could understand the importance of Holland’s death: it was ultimately Holland who destroyed Osaron.

This entire series easily could have been tragic, but its not. If you actually look at the title of the book- you do know there will be light and hope at the end. Even those who lived in White London were able to sense that something was not right. Crazy because Osaron is trying to be in control of Red London. He likes to call himself The Shadow King. All of this all unfolded just because that Black Stone was returned to Black London (a London that never existed). At the end of the trilogy, I felt as if I want to know more about this world: it basically ended on some kind of cliffhanger.

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