The Upcoming School Year

As the school year begins, I am so glad that I graduated high school and college when I did. I never had to put up with the whole pandemic. Fletcher and Gardner Webb are the schools that mean a lot to me. Fletcher really did help me prepare for college.

When I am thinking of GWU, I am wondering how will students get the social life. While college is focused on classes, the thing that really makes college exciting is the social activities. From clubs to Candy and Critters, Pinterest Night, Pumpkin Painting, The Gathering (student-led worship service), Formal, Skate Night, Fall Break and Spring Break trips (mission trips and Disney), etc…. all were some of the best parts of GWU. Now what in the world are students supposed to do outside of their studies. These social events give students a break from studying- you need the break in order to deal with stress.

While Fletcher doesn’t mean as much to me as GWU, I am still wondering about the social life. It is harder to think of the social life at Fletcher: after all it was a small K-12. From prom to clubs to holiday parties to book projects to silly things like Senior Prank- now what?

Of course there are the non-school memories: Great Wolf Lodge, Montreat, Kanuga (Parish Weekends and Winterlight), Rent (and the other musicals I saw with my family), Alaska, Chicago, England- just the social stuff that happened that has nothing related to GWU or Fletcher. These type of social activities can still happen- just not those particular ones: meaning you still can hang out with friends, go with your family downtown or walk on the Greenways.

2 thoughts on “The Upcoming School Year

  1. I’m headed back to my university next week, and it’s definitely going to be a different experience. I have to quarantine and be tested for a while, but after that we still have to observe distancing, etc. I also won’t be having a roommate, which will be a little strange but I’m looking on the bright side and considering it as something that might be a little nice–it can be nice to have your own space, sometimes! I don’t know how other social aspects will work too well, but we’ll see how it goes! It definitely makes me appreciate how things were, back when they were normal!


    • Every time I was at GWU- either I had a roommate or didn’t. The only two times I had a roommate: not the best. My final year, when I moved to the suites, I had a room to myself: everyone else living my suite were roommates to me.

      For certain social events, in the past, you had to sign up. But during this pandemic, something tells me more activities will be signing up. Recently- Gardner Webb did do Bingo: but students had to sign up for a certain time. Usually, on Bingo Days- students just show up and that is usually a pretty big event.

      Due to Fletcher being my high school, the social side is not quite as important compared to Gardner Webb.


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