4 thoughts on “Author/Book Series #10

  1. This is an interesting question! Personally, I think my character Julien from Clemency would be the best-suited to a musical theatre world. My writing playlist is mostly arranged as the story being seen through his eyes, and he’s someone who is very expressive with his emotions. I definitely don’t think he’d mind singing a few songs about his thoughts and feelings! 😂


    • In my case, I think of more than one character that can eventually work in musical theatre.

      Misty- don’t forget, she is naturally gifted in singing. I can see her as both composer/lyricst and on stage

      Tweetsie- she is a triple threat after all

      Jasmine- since she already loves sewing on beads and sequins, she probably would end up as a costume designer or helping make the costumes


      • I love that!! I really like the different crafts you’ve given your characters talents in; I think it’s such a fun element of your book!


      • The Fairy Frogs are some of the best characters I written- love the natural talent of arts they have. It isn’t just Misty and Tweetsie that can possibly work in musical theatre. Aries- he can be a set designer or help make the sets: he is a construction worker after all.

        While Jasmine isn’t part of Cattail Forest- she still has the talent to become a costume designer and make them. Don’t forget, Aurora and Jasmine were born into an artsy family.


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