Labor Day Weekend- COVID

If it wasn’t for COVID, I wouldn’t be at home this weekend. Labor Day is when my Parish goes to Kanuga for a Parish Retreat. A time of fellowship, square dancing, hiking, etc…… Kanuga means a lot to me. Kanuga is a place where the fellowship of my church gets stronger. Eventually, I secured the role of hike leader-my dad is the other. There have been years with singing songs like “Servant Song”, “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High”, and “Sanctuary”. Servant Song has two meanings- the first being connected to Kanuga and the 2nd being connected to the Bristol Pilgrimage.

I have been to Kanuga for more than just Parish Weekends. I went there for Thanksgiving and Winterlight. In case anyone wondering, Winterlight is a high school youth conference- December 27-January 1st. Below are pictures from Winterlight and Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving- my family did go over Thanksgiving. I was able to weave baskets and make an actual hiking stick. From then on, I use my hiking sticks for other hikes I go on. I ended up carving off the first half of the stick to have something smooth to hold- the rest is just bark. My stick also the words Thanksgiving, the year, and my name on it. I kept part of the bark on so that way it actually looks like a hiking stick.

About Winterlight- we sing three times a day and consists of a banquet, service project, New Year’s Eve Dance, and honoring the seniors. There is some free time- where we can choose what we want to do: one of the ones I picked was playing games. We spend part of the day with our assigned small group- the programs consist of singing, and eventually breaking into our small group. I went for 11th and 12th grade. Whenever I think of high school, Winterlight comes straight to mind. Winterlight was where I discovered my love for contemporary christian music. That event means a lot to me.

3 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend- COVID

  1. It’s too bad that this had to be cancelled; hopefully it’s even better next year!! This Labor Day weekend is definitely going to be an unusual one. Usually I’d be at home for the holiday, but this year I have to quarantine at school. I’m looking forward to all of the things that’ll be possible again, once we have a little more control over the pandemic! I hope you and your family are able to enjoy a nice Labor Day, despite the cancellation of plans!


    • Yesterday, my family did go on a “hike” on a Charlotte Greenway- two other members of church went with us. Yesterday and today, listened to songs connected to Kanuga.

      COVID got in the way of a lot- musicals, Kanuga, and due to worship only being virtual that means no Christmas Eve service.

      My church was able to reserve Kanuga for Labor Day next year. So hopefully by then, things are better- not just for Kanuga, but Hadestown as well. Both would be happening the 2nd half of the year

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      • It’s nice that you’ve been able to keep parts of the tradition alive, despite our unusual circumstances! Definitely hopeful that things will get better over the next months!

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