New Songs I Love/Like in Musicals

This post is a different kind of list post. This is not related to any of the musicals I already saw. These belong to songs I heard from musicals, but not yet seen them. This does include musical soundtracks where I haven’t heard the entire soundtrack- which is why Frozen counts- obviously heard the songs from animated movie, but not all the Broadway Musical songs.

  1. Journey to the Past
  2. In a Crowd of Thousands
  3. Once upon a December
  4. My Petersburg
  5. In My Dreams
  6. Wait for Me
  7. If it’s True
  8. A Musical
  9. Welcome to the Renaissance
  10. What do You know about Love
  11. Monster
  12. Dangerous to Dream
  13. True Love

More about True Love

Yes, when Frozen’s tour came out, they did cut this song out. This was a song that never should have been cut. It is Anna’s solo and happens at a prominent and very emotional moment for her. Anna is one of our two protagonists, and they cut out her solo. This song is heartbreaking- usually it can be hard to detect emotions when all you hear is the song alone. However due to seeing the animated film, I was able to figure out the emotion. There is NO such thing as a sad love song: if those two emotions get combined, you will ALWAYS have a heartbreaking song.

True Love still counts as a Frozen song- I know when this happens: figured it out based on lyrics. SPOILERS: it happens after Hans betrays Anna. You can still listen to this song- it is on the Original Broadway Cast Album.


There were musicals I really wanted to see, but the pandemic got in the way. Due to already falling in love with five Anastasia songs, I knew I wanted to see the musical. It was coming to Charlotte April of this year- but not happening. Same thing happened to Frozen-it was coming in October, but got postponed in May.

So, my eyes are mostly focused on Hadestown. It is coming to Charlotte October of 2021. Hopefully that is enough time for Blumenthal to open Belk and Ovens. Wicked is the final musical I want to see this year- coming in December, but will not be that disappointed due to already seeing the musical four times.

What other musicals do I hope to see in the future- Something Rotten, Once, Beauty and the Beast (never saw the stage show), Oliver (don’t remember seeing)- of course Anastasia, Frozen, and Hadestown are part of that list.


Based on True Love, is there any other song in musical theatre that never should have been cut?

In addition, what are some of your favorite musical songs from musicals you haven’t seen before?

10 thoughts on “New Songs I Love/Like in Musicals

  1. Personally, I definitely believe that “A Change In Me”–which is in the stage show, but not in the movie–should have been included in the animated film; I think it’s such a good song for Belle (it’s also too bad that it’s not on the original Broadway cast recording). In general, Disney’s cut some really good songs from their movies over the years!
    I love all of Hadestown, despite not having been able to see it yet. I love both the cast recordings, and can’t wait until I can hopefully see it!


    • Seriously, “A Change in Me” and “Letter From the Refuge” should actually be songs we can get- those are two of my favorite added songs.

      I really annoyed when Frozen cut “True Love” and “For the First Time In Forever (Reprise)”- seriously the movie has “For the First Time In Forever (Reprise)”- so why would they cut it for the tour.

      So the tour of Frozen cut some songs just to add two new songs- seriously, the show didn’t need to cut particular songs. Now, won’t be able to see “True Love” performed in person.


      • Yeah, Disney for some reason seems to cut some of the best songs. Sometimes they make some sense, other times I struggle to see the reasoning!


      • A lot of times- those cuts don’t make sense. I got so annoyed about the cut of “True Love”- all I can do to listen to this song means the Original Broadway Soundtrack. Good thing, the musical didn’t cut that song from the soundtrack.

        Some- I can understand: like how some songs were cut for Newsies when it became a stage show. In some ways, all of the songs were new: all because of lyric changes along with some little changes in the melodies.

        Just- wish we could find a way to get some added songs: “A Change in Me” and “Letter From the Refuge”.


    • Hopefully by the time Hadestown tours to Charlotte, theatre will be open. It is coming next October.

      Anastasia and Frozen are top musicals I want to see as well- would have this year if COVID didn’t have

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