Musicals I Saw with Blumenthal

Some people might wonder what Blumenthal is. Charlotte is one of the major touring cities in the US. The center of Charlotte Theater belongs to Blumenthal Performing Arts. Symphonies, Ballet, Opera, Musicals, and other types of performing arts happens due to Blumenthal. What were some of the shows I saw?

  1. La Bohème-2020
  2. Come From Away- 2020
  3. Aladdin- 2019
  4. Miss Saigon- 2019
  5. A Christmas Story- The Musical- 2018
  6. Lion King- 2018
  7. Rent- 2017
  8. Sound of Music- 2015
  9. Pippin- 2015
  10. Porgy and Bess- 2014
  11. La Cage- 2012
  12. Addams Family- 2011
  13. Mamma Mia- 2009
  14. Nutcracker- don’t exactly know when, but have seen this ballet more than once with Blumenthal

You will notice some musicals are missing. Either they weren’t seen with Blumenthal or I saw them with Blumenthal and other places. This year was supposed to include Frozen, but got postponed. Same situation with Anastasia- I was planning to get tickets, but postponed as well. So good thing I was able to catch Come From Away and La Bohème- those shows were playing in January.

Most of these shows were either liked or loved- did not like ALL of them. The only shows I didn’t exactly like were Porgy and Bess, La Cage, and Addams Family.

2 thoughts on “Musicals I Saw with Blumenthal

  1. It’s always so awesome to hear about your experience with touring productions! Tours are really such a wonderful thing; I can’t imagine how I’d see almost any shows at all without tours. I like to try and see one show a year, but it looks like that probably won’t be happening this year. Ah, well! Better safe than sorry, I guess. Hopefully next year’s better and some awesome shows will be coming around!

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