Come From Away- 9/11

September 11th, 2001 is a day of mourning and grief. However, in the midst of tragedy, an incredible thing happened. I am referring specifically to Gander, Newfoundland. When 38 planes had to all of a sudden had to land, all they could do was stop in Gander, Newfoundland- this was in Canada. Let me talk more about what happened.

In 2001, all of a sudden Newfoundland had to welcome 38 planes. They did not have much time to prepare. It was the day the world was shook with tragedy during the 9/11 attacks. The town of Gander welcomed thousands of scared passengers on 38 planes. Despite tragedy, Gander was able to provide places to sleep, food to eat, and comfort. This event was never forgotten especially after Come From Away was introduced to the musical theater world.

Come From Away actually used real events and people in the story. Characters had to exact same names, and some incredible stories came out. 9/11 wasn’t fully a day of tragedy due to what Gander did. There were children who were wish children, who were on their way to Disney, romance blossomed, a woman had a son who was a rescuer during 9/11, etc…..These passengers were stuck on their planes for hours not knowing what happened in the US- they were unaware of the attacks. These people were scared and Gander showed compassion to them.

I ended up seeing Come From Away in January. While I don’t remember 9/11 due to being only 7, it still should be a day we never will forget. Seeing the other end of the terrorist attacks was incredible. That refers specifically to the events unfolding in Gander. Tragedies seem to be a time where humanity is the strongest- everyone comes together.

2 thoughts on “Come From Away- 9/11

  1. I love it when some good amidst the bad can be seen. It’s something that I think medias of storytelling can do really good at. I’ll need to check out Come From Away; I’ve heard good things, but haven’t listened to any of the songs!


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