Little Women (2019)

On Sunday, I finally got to watch the 2019 movie of Little Women. Little Women was a story I fell in love with a long time ago. The only problem is I don’t know why I loved it. It has nothing to the fact that one of the characters has my name. Little Women is a classic.

This story follows four sisters- Amy, Beth, Jo, and Meg. It is about their lives as young women. Due to having a sister myself, I can truly understand their sisterhood. Now on to the movie:

One confusing part about the movie is that it doesn’t follow their lives in a linear way. It goes back and forth between the past and the future. So, it can be hard to follow their story and know which time period you were in. Yes, you still had the same actresses- but it is a bit complicated. Eventually I was able to tell the stories apart. These girls are all into the arts: artist Amy, musician Beth, writer Jo and actress Meg. I literally can truly see sisterhood- from getting along to not getting along.

This is a wonderful movie. These four sisters share a close bond. Sometimes I got the characters mixed up- not between the character, but the actresses. I always could recognize Meg- after all already saw Emma Watson as Belle and Hermione. Turns out that Jo ended up writing a book about their lives- her book is called Little Women, and she did it in honor of Beth, who died from Scarlet Fever. Jo was truly the narrator of Little Women.

Time to reread the book

6 thoughts on “Little Women (2019)

  1. Little Women has been one of my favorite stories for a very long time. It was the first book I ever cried reading. As far as I know, I’ve seen every movie adaption of Little Women besides this one, so I definitely need to add it to the list! It looks like it was really well done and, from what I’ve heard, it’s received a lot of praise. Hopefully I’ll be able to see it sometime soon!


    • I don’t even know why I fell in love with Little Women when I was younger. It had nothing to do with the fact that one of the characters share my name.

      I will eventually reread this book- that includes Secret Garden and A Little Princess

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