4 thoughts on “Author/Book Series #10

  1. Personally, I don’t ever see myself writing a straight romance book. Romance as a subplot, maybe, but even that is usually hugely downplayed in my stories. I’d say that I’m pretty open to writing almost any genre that I, myself, enjoy reading. So that’d mostly be historical fiction, speculative fiction, retellings, fantasy.


    • Me neither- with a romantic book. I feel as if my couple could seem to clumsy or rather boring

      Will stick with fantasy- just don’t know what genres outside of Tale of The Cattail Forest are. Still, fantasy might be the normal for me


  2. I am a romance writer! Romance books are a 1 billion dollar industry every single year. It is the largest single segment of the book market. Actually, romance comes in multiple genres as well. The only requirements for something to be considered romance are A) That there be a “romantic” relationship at the heart of the story and B) that there be a happy ending. It could be a murder mystery where the detectives are attracted to each other. I write sweet romance so everybody keeps their clothes on and the focus is on the characters. The stories you are thinking of are there too, but they aren’t even the most important segment. I love that Diana Gabaldon and I are both members of the Romance Writers of America. Wish my books would hit like Outlander!


    • I didn’t know that romance could be separated into genres. I feel if I even attempt a romance book that it would look kinda of clumsy and not that great.

      So romance might be a genre I will step away from

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