7 thoughts on “Author/Book Series #11

  1. Let’s see… 1) not every story requires a romantic element, 2) not every story has to be about grand, large things; stories about small things can be equally wonderful, 3) it’s okay to grow out of a book/series and not love it as much as you used to, but still appreciate what it meant to you back then.

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  2. In general I think movies will always need to cut out parts of the book and tell stories differently since the pacing is so different, and I think that’s fine. I like it when movies tell the story in their own way instead of copying the book…just so long as they keep the “spirit” of the book. However this seems to be an un-popular opinion.

    For example, I like the LOTR movies and that they cut out the parts they did. The movies were already long, including everything about have made them too long.


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