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I have already mentioned some of my unpopular opinions when it comes to musicals. However, I barely mention any of my bookish unpopular opinions- I think those are harder to figure out.


What is a popular book of series you didn’t like? There are two of them. I know that both Twilight and Hunger Games are popular book series. However, I dislike them both. I hate vampires- reason for disliking Twilight. Hunger Games was a bit too grotesque for my taste.

What is a popular book or series that everyone else hates, but you love? This is tough. Each time I thought of a series I love, I know it is popular. There are some series I love, but don’t know if they are popular or not.

What is a love triangle in a book or series where the main character ended up with the person you did not want them to end up with? I will confess- I am not aware of many book love triangles.

What is a popular genre you hardly reach for? Horror- yes, I have not read or seen horror. But to me horror seems just too scary for my tastes. I have a limit when to comes to scary- as in don’t go past Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. In addition can’t enter the realm of too creepy: that is how I felt with the Peculiar Children series

What is a popular or beloved character that you do not like? The vast majority of novel characters I love are actually beloved and popular. I defiantly can think of the opposite: as in characters I love that others dislike.

What is a popular author you can’t seem to get into? Pretty much any author in the horror category. There are even some popular old classic authors I can’t really get into- Austen and Tolstoy.

What is a popular trope that you are tired of seeing? I really don’t know.

What is a popular book or series that you have no interest in reading? Right now, War and Peace fall under this category. Like I said earlier, no Horror books. I also mentioned I don’t like the Peculiar Children series (the first movie was too creepy). I also don’t think I will read Phantom of the Opera- yes I love the musical, but I heard that the book is more gothic and horror.

What is a movie or TV adaptation of a book series that you like more than the book/s? Really don’t know. There are a number of movies I saw before reading the books- that is how I fell in love with Harry Potter, and Narnia. Same thing applies to Les Misérables. There have been some books that are the complete opposite (meaning books before movies)- don’t know if one is better than the movie.

4 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Tag

  1. It was so fun to read your answers to this tag! I couldn’t really get into the Hunger Games either; I wound up liking the movies alright but I just haven’t ever made it through the books. I guess it’s just like that sometimes! I also don’t really read horror; I can’t actually think of a time that I’ve read all the way through a horror novel. On occasion, I’ve thought about picking one up, but it just never really panned out. There was one book that was considered a horror novel that I read once, but I didn’t really think of it as a horror very much; it kind of just read more like a dark fantasy novel to me!


    • When it comes to Hunger Games, I couldn’t get past the first film- couldn’t stand the premise of the games.

      I never once picked up or watched anything in the horror genre. Already can tell I will never love a horror anything. I don’t mind if a book has its scary moments, but there is still a limit

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