All my Unpopular Opinions

Everyone has these: unpopular opinions. That means you are in the minority of a popular opinion. They exist in all sorts of way: examples come from musicals, films, and books. This time, what if I combined ALL my unpopular opinions. Some of those unpopular opinions do overlap.


  1. Marvel- I don’t like Marvel. To me, it literally feels like too much- as in up in your face. Some of the blowing up and fight scenes sometimes feel like they don’t belong in the plot. I strongly prefer Star Wars- every scene makes sense for those movies.
  2. Nicholas Sparks- way way too predictable
  3. Twilight- don’t like vampires
  4. Hunger Games- too grotesque for my taste
  5. Horror- too creepy and scary for my taste


  1. Not the biggest fan of Hamilton
  2. Love Christine and Raoul together
  3. Love Les Mis’ love triangle- I love all three characters and the setup. It isn’t silly- it is meant to be there. If you literally get rid of one tiny detail, the entire story falls apart
  4. Connecting to Les Mis, Marius is not a jerk.
  5. Another unpopular Les Mis opinion is the friendship between Marius and Eponine

Books- this is where some overlap happens

  1. Nicholas Sparks- due to not liking his movies, don’t like his books
  2. Les Mis’ love triangle- love it in the book and musical
  3. Even in the Les Mis book, I don’t think Marius is a jerk
  4. Horror is a popular genre, but I don’t like it
  5. Tolstoy and Austen- two popular authors, but so far not liking them

9 thoughts on “All my Unpopular Opinions

    • Those are popular series and genres. Just don’t like them- a bit too much when it comes to all of them.

      After musical theatre, my 2nd biggest topic on this blog is found in the bookish world. I feel like the vast majority of my unpopular opinions belong in musical theatre

      I am still trying to gain 1000 followers by the end the year.

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  1. I agree with all of your musical theatre unpopular opinions! πŸ˜‚ I recently thought of a very general unpopular opinion I have… just because a story, plot device, scene, etc. is a bit cheesy doesn’t automatically bad! I think it all depends on how it’s carried out!


    • Knew you would agree with those musical theatre opinions- it is easier for me to think of unpopular opinions in musicals as opposed to others


  2. I agree with all these but one, marvel is da best (in my opinion of course) and yes you’re right Raoul and Christine are so good together!πŸ˜„


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