Favorite Musical Songs

I did this once before- a list of favorite musical songs. But what if this time, I used songs from both musical movies and musicals. It will also include songs I love from musicals I never saw. There is a chance some songs will be left off.

  1. Dancing Through Life
  2. As Long As Your’e Mine
  3. I’m Not That Girl
  4. Popular
  5. Defying Gravity
  6. Wizard and I
  7. For Good
  8. One Short Day
  9. What is this Feeling
  10. Bring Him Home
  11. Drink with Me
  12. I Dreamed a Dream
  13. One Day More
  14. In My Life
  15. Come to Me
  16. Both Look Downs
  17. At the End of the Day
  18. Red and Black
  19. Do you Hear the People Sing
  20. Suddenly
  21. A Little Fall of Rain
  22. Heart Full of Love
  23. Finale
  24. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
  25. On My Own
  26. Stars
  27. Castle on a Cloud
  28. Master of the House
  29. Tomorrow
  30. Hard Knock Life
  31. NYC
  32. Let’s Go to the Movies
  33. Never Throughly Dressed Without a Smile
  34. I think I’m gonna Like it Here
  35. Easy Street
  36. We Got Annnie
  37. Sound of Music
  38. Something Good
  39. Sixteen going on Seventeen
  40. Edelweiss
  41. Do Re Mi
  42. My Favorite Things
  43. So Long Farewell
  44. Lonely Goatherd
  45. Climb Every Mountain
  46. Phantom of the Opera
  47. Think of Me
  48. Angel of Music
  49. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  50. Music of the Night
  51. All I Ask of You
  52. Rent
  53. One Song Glory
  54. Without You
  55. What you Own
  56. Goodbye You
  57. I Should Tell You
  58. Will I
  59. Out Tonight
  60. Another Day
  61. Take Me or Leave Me
  62. Finale B
  63. I’ll Cover You
  64. Seasons of Love
  65. Halloween
  66. La Vie Bomème
  67. Carrying the Banner
  68. Seize the Day
  69. Santa Fe (Prologue)
  70. Santa Fe
  71. Letter from the Refuge
  72. King of New York
  73. Watch What Happens
  74. Once and For All
  75. Something to Believe In
  76. Brooklyn’s Here
  77. Circle of Life
  78. They Live in You
  79. Can You Feel the Love Tonight
  80. I Just Can’t Wait to Be King
  81. Hakuna Matata
  82. Endless Night
  83. Shadowland
  84. Evermore
  85. If I Can’t Love Her
  86. Beauty and the Beast
  87. Be Our Guest
  88. Belle
  89. Something There
  90. Gaston
  91. Me
  92. No What What
  93. Home
  94. A Change in Me
  95. How Does a Moment Last Forever
  96. Proud of Your Boy
  97. Arabian Nights
  98. Friend Like Me
  99. One Jump Ahead
  100. A Million Miles Away
  101. Whole New World
  102. These Palace Walls
  103. Speechless
  104. High Adventure
  105. Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim
  106. Somebody’s Got Your Back
  107. Let It Go
  108. For the First Time in Forever
  109. Love is an Open Door
  110. Monster
  111. Do You Want to Build a Snowman
  112. What do You know about Love
  113. True Love
  114. Dangerous to Dream
  115. Corner of the Sky
  116. Magic to Do
  117. No Time at All
  118. Morning Glow
  119. We Beseech Thee
  120. Learn Your Lessons Well
  121. Alas For You
  122. Prepare Ye
  123. Light of the World
  124. Save the People
  125. Beautiful City
  126. All for the Best
  127. Some Enchanted Evening
  128. This Nearly Was Mine
  129. Younger than Springtime
  130. There is Nothing like a Dame
  131. Wonderful Guy
  132. I’m Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta My Hair
  133. Wait for Me
  134. If it’s True
  135. Welcome to the Renaissance
  136. A Musical
  137. A Million Dreams
  138. Greatest Showman
  139. Come Alive
  140. Rewrite the Stars
  141. This is Me
  142. From Now On
  143. Never Enough
  144. Mamma Mia
  145. Super Trouper
  146. Dancing Queen
  147. Honey Honey
  148. Oklahoma
  149. People Will Say We’re in Love
  150. Kansas City
  151. Farmer and Cowmen shall be Friends
  152. Consider Yourself
  153. As Long as He Needs Me
  154. Where is Love
  155. I’d do Anything
  156. Memory
  157. Mr. Mistoffoles
  158. Jellicle Cats for Jellicale Cats
  159. In My Dreams
  160. Journey to the Past
  161. Once Upon a December
  162. My Petersburg
  163. In a Crowd of Thousands
  164. Seventy Six Trombones
  165. Ya Got Trouble
  166. Till There Was You
  167. My White Knight
  168. Goodnight My Someone
  169. Gary, Indiana
  170. Singing in the Rain
  171. Good Morning
  172. Make Me Laugh
  173. The Impossible Dream
  174. I, Don Quixote
  175. Aldonza
  176. Dulcinea
  177. I’s All the Same
  178. Tradition
  179. Sunrise, Sunset
  180. Miracle of Miracles
  181. Far from the Home I love
  182. Somewhere
  183. One Hand, One Heart
  184. Somethings Coming
  185. Tonight
  186. Sun and Moon
  187. I Still Believe
  188. I’d Give my Life For You f
  189. Why God Why
  190. Last Night of the World
  191. Impossible
  192. My Own Little Corner
  193. Ten Minutes Ago
  194. A Spoon Full of Sugar
  195. Supercali (I can’t spell the song)
  196. Step in Time

8 thoughts on “Favorite Musical Songs

  1. So many really good songs on this list! One song I’ve been really loving again recently is “Corner of the Sky.” I stumbled across a really nice version of it a day or two ago and remembered again why i love it so much!


    • I grew up on musicals- I went from enjoying them to a love being sparked to a love that was more like a passion.

      My family, Wicked, and Les Mis were most responsible for my love of musicals today

      Liked by 1 person

      • I had an interesting journey with Les Mis.

        When I first saw the musical film, I didn’t even know if I liked Les Mis or not. However, started researching soon after seeing it.

        Then March 2013 came, and for some reason- gave that film a 2nd chance. The rest is history after that. Yes, I am an emotional wreck watching or listening to the musical- that response was built up over time.


  2. Oh my gosh!! I SEE LES MIS AND PHANTOM AND CATS AND DISNEY AND THE GREATEST SHOWMAN AND WICKED, I need to calm down. Thanks for this list! I have more to explore now!!


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