Disney Live Action Remakes

A lot of us have been around classic Disney movies. They range from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty to Lion King to Beauty and the Beast to Jungle Book to Aladdin among others. A couple years ago, Disney began making live action movies of the classics. While some people don’t think they should be remade, others love the live action movies. Now what are some of my favorite live action Disney classics?


I haven’t seen this live Cinderella for a while. However, I still remember loving it. It gave more backstory for Cinderella and the prince. I do remember loving Lily James as Cinderella.


With the same well-loved songs, there is a new one. “Speechless” was able to further develop Princess Jasmine, and due to that song, I realized just how strong of a princess she is. Loved this cast- Mena Massoud (Aladdin), Naomi Scott (Jasmine), and Will Smith (Genie). I ended up seeing both the live action movie and stage show the same year. This film did in fact make certain things feel like actual character- the magic carpet was given a bigger personality. I actually loved the new character- Dalia. Putting her in there in some ways developed Genie and Jasmine more.

Beauty and the Beast

Literally, this live action remake made me remember my love for Beauty and the Beast. I literally felt like a child when I first watched it. I love Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. I really love “Evermore”, which is a new song for the Beast- it reminds me of “If I Can’t Love Her” from the stage show. There is a lot more explanation in the prologue- now you know some things that easily could be plot holes in the cartoon. “Beauty and the Beast” still remains quite a magical scene- that is my favorite song and scene in the musical. Everything about this film feels magical.

Jungle Book

I don’t exactly know why I loved this particular live action remake. It really felt real- it literally looked like realistic animals and a realistic jungle.

4 thoughts on “Disney Live Action Remakes

    • I did watch couple of Cinderella movies- from the original cartoon, one of R & H movies of the musical (don’t remember which one), the remake of the cartoon, and the ones kinda of loosely based (such as A Cinderella Story)


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  2. I think that, right now, Aladdin is my favorite remake. I don’t know if it counts, but I also liked Disney’s Rogers and Hammerstein Cinderella. I also liked Lion King maybe more than most people because it’s the only version I’ve seen.


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