September 2020 in Review

It is hard to think of September highlights.


This sounds weird to say that. If COVID didn’t hit, my church would be at Kanuga for a Parish Retreat. One of the traditions at Kanuga was hiking- my family decided to actually walk on a Charlotte Greenway with some church members. So, we did something connected to Kanuga.


I finally finished Bleak House this month. I loved that book- I have loved all the Dickens books I read so far. After Bleak House, I decided to read a fantasy- The Golden Compass. The Golden Compass was recommended to me by Park Road Books- for the most part they don’t fail in that.

I have been finding The Golden Compass to be interesting- Lyra actually reminds me of Lila Lila is a co-protagonist of Shades of Magic while Lyra is the main character of the The Golden Compass. I think there might be a chance I will be finishing the series of The Golden Compass.

Thinking of books, I purchased two more books this year. I bought Little Women and Mayor Casterbridge. My dad recommended Mayor of Casterbridge- it was because of my love for Dickens. I was told that Dickens is similar to Hardy- by looking at the summary blurb, I realized the main character in a way is similar to Valjean.

Whitewater Center

This is one of the highlights of North Carolina. There is a lot to do there- from rafting to rock climbing to hiking. I loved that we were hiking trails- it also connected to Kanuga. I am a mountain person, who loves to hike.


Little Women- ever since the film came out in 2019, I wanted to see it. Finally, I did. I really enjoyed this movie. Little Women was a story I loved in childhood, but never remembered why. It has nothing to do with the fact that one of the characters shares my name.

Onward- I wanted to see this Disney animated film ever since it opened. Full of magic, creatures, challenges, adventure, and humor. It is difficult to describe why I loved this film in the first place.


I know there were not big highlights this month, but still amazing things came out of it. October is a hard month to think about- the biggest highlight was going to be Frozen, but that got postponed.

5 thoughts on “September 2020 in Review

  1. It’s crazy that it’s already October! I can hardly believe it. At this rate, it’ll be the end of the year in no time!😅 It’s definitely been hard to have any big highlights recently, but I think that for me, the biggest thing that happened was that school started up again! Hope you have a great October!


    • I agree- hard to have highlights

      October is going to be kinda of a tough month- I was going to see Frozen, but got postponed. That is annoying even thinking of that

      As for books- Secret Garden (which I started today), and might own the other two books that are connected to The Golden Compass series. How many books I read per month depends on which books I am reading

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      • It’s too bad that Frozen wound up getting postponed… hopefully you’ll be able to see it eventually!


      • It will come back to Charlotte along with Anastasia- just hoping they will come for the 21/22 season. Already basically know Wicked isn’t happening- that isn’t much of a disappointment due to already seeing it four times. Wicked is one of those musicals that always come to Charlotte

        My eyes are now mostly focused on Hadestown- if coming in October 2021, there might be an advantage.


      • Yeah! Hopefully the situation has settled enough that Hadestown can still happen with no changes!!


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