6 thoughts on “Author/Book Series #12

  1. Hmm… this is a bit tough because I don’t typically read too many books where the main character is a child. I think that maybe the Harry Potter books are the main ones that come to mind? Of course, the protagonists grow up throughout the series, but I think that’s something that makes it such a nice one to read while growing up. I also really love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Similarly, the main character grows up throughout the course of that novel but when it begins, she is quite young.


    • Lets see:

      1. Secret Garden
      2. Oliver Twist

      I guess HP counts- they start the book as 11 year olds. Even series like Land of Stories and Sister’s Grimm, and Avalon that all age up.

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    • I still read middle grade books. In some ways Harry Potter can count- don’t forget he starts as a child.

      Plus, have read classics- meaning I would love Oliver Twist and Secret Garden. Both books: child main character


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