Musical Theatre Book Tag

This tag is a two in one tag. That means it is referencing both my love for books and musicals.


Wicked (favorite fictional friendship): This is difficult. I don’t think I have an ultimate favorite fictional friendship. Here are some of them: The Harry Potter Trio, Sam and Frodo, Merry and Pippin, Esther/Charley/Caddy- I love Esther’s friendship between these two.

Sweeney Todd (favorite villain): Due to not really being a fan of villains, it is hard to think of one. I really have no idea what makes a “good” villain. Some do creep me out like Voldemort- one of the most evil villains out there.

Phantom of the Opera (favorite love triangle): I don’t think I read many books with love triangle. There will be some overlap here: one of my favorite love triangle is in Les Misérables. It may be subtle in the book, but still love it. That is one of my unpopular opinions.

Lion King (favorite sidekick): Thinking of actual sidekicks isn’t easy. I do know that in some ways Marge acts as Sparkle’s sidekick. It is their friendship that led into other unlikely friendships.

Grease (least favorite ending)- I honestly don’t know.

Matilda: The Musical (favorite adaption of a book): this can be a bit tricky due to sometimes seeing the film or musical before the book.

Les Misérables (favorite death in a book): I feel like this can be interpreted differently. It is hard to know what exactly what it means by “favorite” death. It literally can be when a villain gets killed due to being excited they are gone. It also can refer to memorable and meaningful deaths. A lot of my favorite death scenes are meaningful and touching (SPOILERS): Smike in Nicholas Nickleby and Holland in Shades of Magic for instance. I didn’t get mad at the author for killing off Holland, a character I learned to like in the 3rd book, due to understanding the importance and meaningful nature of his death.

If you are both a musical theatre fan and a bookworm, I hope you try out this tag.

5 thoughts on “Musical Theatre Book Tag

  1. I’ll leave my answers here, since this looks like fun!
    1. My favorite fictional friendship, I think, is probably the friendship between the March sisters in Little Women. Sure, they’re sisters, but they’re also friends and I love how, even when they fight, they still love each other at the end of the day. I also really like Frodo and Sam!
    2. Mm… a favorite villain. I don’t know! I don’t generally have favorite villains, but I guess that I do like Light Yagami from Death Note. He’s more of an antihero, I guess, because he is pretty much the protagonist of the story, despite being completely unhinged and having a distorted idea of what justice is. Still, he’s a really interesting character!
    3. I think I’ll go with your answer, and also say Marius, Cosette, and Éponine!
    4. I don’t know who my favorite sidekick would be, but one that came to mind is Falkor from The Neverending Story. I loved him, particularly when I was younger. Don’t know if he really qualifies as a sidekick though…
    5. Mmm… the only ones that stand out as having endings I didn’t like were books I just didn’t like in general and don’t remember too much at all!
    6. Probably The Wizard of Oz. I usually like the books more than the movies, but I’ve always liked The Wizard of Oz’s movie better than the book. That said, it’s been over ten years since I last read the book, so maybe I need to try it again and see if I like it better now!
    7. Hmm… obviously a spoiler for Little Women, but I remember the first time I ever cried reading a book being when I read Beth’s death. That death hurt me so much, because I love Beth–she’s probably my favorite of the sisters, if I had to choose.


    • That last one- I was like what in the world does that mean. Favorite death just sounds tricky in some ways- if that makes sense

      When it comes to love triangles, I went with Les Mis because honestly I really haven’t been around too many love triangles. That Les Mis always comes straight to mind.


  2. Favorite villain in a book is definitely my favorite question! I love getting into villains and understanding them. Often time they are more interesting to me than protagonists. But this tag looks like so much fun! I’ll have to put it on my list of tags to do someday.


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