Perfect COVID Quote

Instead of looking at what’s depressing, look at what’s a blessing

Kirsten Butler

I think this quote perfectly describes how to look at the bright side of this pandemic. Yes, things we love to do got postponed. In addition, we may not know when some things will open again- theatre for instance.

But, we still have to look at some of the best parts of 2020. I still had highlights this year despite COVID getting in the way of planned highlights. What were some of my blessings?


Well, I did get to experience shows through Blumenthal Performing Arts this year. I was able to see the tour of Come From Away. In addition, I got to Opera Carolina’s production of La Bohème. At least, I saw something this year instead of nothing. In a way, Come From Away does represent this year- don’t forget that during 9/11, there was still a lot of humanity shown at Gander, Newfoundland. Come From Away might take place during a gigantic tragedy, but at the same time, compassion was truly shown, which is what the story of Come From Away is about.

Come From Away wasn’t one of the top musicals I wanted to see this year. It was at the next level down. At least, I reached my goal of seeing at least one musical this year.

About La Bohème, my parents weren’t going to get tickets. However, from a church member, my mom and I were given tickets to this opera. I wanted to see La Bohème for a long time. I wanted to see this opera due to my love for Rent. As of now, La Bohème is my favorite love story. I nearly lost it in the end.


Yes, I never exactly got to see movies at a movie theater this year. However, was able to watch movies I really wanted to see. Little Women and Call of the Wild were movies I wanted to see since they were released in theaters. Just, when COVID hit, there was no way of knowing when I will see them. I am glad I finally got to watch them. In addition, when The Aeronauts was released, I wanted to watch it primarily because I had already Eddie Redmayne in two movies- as Marius and Newt. I am not the biggest fan of nonfiction, but every so often can find a one I love.

In addition, loved that my family now owns Disney Plus. Was able to watch old classics and some new Disney movies as well. I loved watching movies like Fox and the Hound, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians, Cinderella, Bambi, and eventually Onward.


This year, I was able to go out of town twice. First, my family got to visit Florida, which I have going to since I was born. Florida is a 2nd home to me despite not being a beach person. However, I do love collecting sea glass and putting my feet in the water. While some typical things didn’t happen, we got to do one of our tradition. Usually, we hope to have dinner at CAPS.

Recently, my family spent a long weekend at Sugar Mountain. That is near Grandfather Mountain, Banner Elk, Linville, Vale Crucis, Blowing Rock and Boone. There are a lot of trails near Sugar Mountain.

Downtown (which is called Uptown)

There was one time where my entire family visited downtown. We ended up visiting a gigantic Black Lives Matter Mural. We also hoped to see some climate change globes, which reminded me of Shaun of the Sheep in Bristol. The hardest part was being front of Belk Theater, the main Blumenthal theater, due to knowing it was an empty and dark theater. However, Blumenthal promised Charlotte they will return.

WhiteWater Center/Kanuga-like Hike

Well, usually over Labor Day Weekend, my church goes on a Parish Retreat to Kanuga. One of the traditions is going on a hike. So, over Labor Day Weekend, we invited some church friends to take a walk on a Greenway to make up for Kanuga. Even hiking at the WhiteWater Center made up for that as well.


I read a lot of books this year due to theater being close. I read Iliad, Odyssey, Wind in the Willows, Shades of Magic Series, Bleak House, Secret Garden, His Dark Materials, and Tom Sawyer, Spinning Silver, Mayor of Casterbrdige, and Anna Karenia. As you noticed, most of them are classics. The only one I didn’t like was Anna Karenina.

Some of those authors were new to me- Thomas Hardy, Phillip Pullman, V.E. Schwab, and Tolstoy. Now, I hope to read more Thomas Hardy books. It is much harder for me to think of fantasies I want to read- so far, the only new one on my TBR list is Nevermoor.


So, despite a pandemic, there are still incredible things that happened in 2020.

3 thoughts on “Perfect COVID Quote

  1. I think this is so important! Despite the strange situation that none of us really expected, there’s also been a lot to be grateful for. I was able to go home and spend a lot more time with my family than I might’ve anticipated, and I was able to have some valuable time to just reflect and withdraw for a little while and I’ve really appreciated that.

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  2. I loved this post! It’s so important to look at the good things, and not just fixate on the disappointments in life. 2020 may have been hard in certain ways, but there are wonderful things that happened too. It’s important to be positive.


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