Musical Theatre Duets

I am written a number of posts referring to duets. People who are not musical theatre fans actually do think most musical theatre duets are just romance. That is still far from the truth. This time, what if I mentioned the duets of just one gender duets- that means a lot of songs would be missing.

For Good

Of all non-romance duets, For Good comes automatically comes to mind. It is the most emotional song in Wicked. The song is about Elphaba and Glinda’s friendship, and that is the center core of the musical. This song actually is bittersweet- this will be the last moment these two girls will see each other, but at the same time were able to say what they meant to each other.

What you Own

In some ways, this song is a friendship duets. It happens between Roger and Mark, two best friends. Both of them have some epiphany during this song- Roger finally figures out his song and Mark realizes what film he hopes to make. They may be both be singing, but they aren’t in the same place.

I’ll Cover You

This is one of the few romance numbers that happen between the same gender. It is about Collins and Angel’s relationship. They decided to make the most of their relationship due to both having HIV. This is actually the least problematic couple in Rent.

Take me or Leave me

This is another romance duet. It is between Maureen and Joanne, and they literally fighting with each other here. I think this is the most problematic couple in Rent.

Santa Fe (Prologue)

This opens up Newsies. It is between Jack Kelly and Crutchie, two best friends. Their relationship is so intimate and deep. These two Newsies are the ones I love the most.


This is a Les Mis song between Javert and Jean Valjean. You truly see their dynamic in this particular song. It happens following Fantine’s death. During the song, they are literally fighting, and Valjean is trying to get away from Javert. At the end, Valjean agrees to keep this promise to raise Cosette while Javert promises to try to recapture Valjean.

Can you think of other One-gender duets?

8 thoughts on “Musical Theatre Duets

    • I almost forgot to include that song, but glad I did. I think the same gender duets are really difficult to think of- don’t forgot most duets are female/male

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  1. Hmm… this is actually unexpectedly difficult for me to think of! “Confrontation” would definitely come to mind… I also think of a handful of songs from Tanz der Vampire. “In His Eyes” from Jekyll & Hyde is another one that comes to mind. “Die Schatten werden länger (Reprise)” from Elisabeth is another good one, as well as “Rebecca” from Rebecca. Just some that I thought of!

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