Puzzle Perfect for Bookworms

When I was in Blowing Rock, I bought a puzzle that was perfect for bookworms. That was especially true for those that love the classics.

There a lot of classics on here. Some I never read, some I disliked, and there are some I love. Lord of the Rings, Oliver Twist, Tale of Two Cities, and Tom Sawyer, Stuart Little, and Charlotte’s Webb are stories I love. For all high school summer reading, we had one required book and one where we could choose.

For 10th grade, I chose to read Joy Luck Club- don’t exactly remember if I liked it or not. The Great Gatsby was the required summer book for 11th grade, but I didn’t like it, Of Mice and Men was the required summer book for 9th grade, but didn’t like it. Same applied to Frankenstein, which was for 12th grade. I actually did read Old Man and the Sea, but don’t remember when I read it.

What classics on this puzzle did you read?

3 thoughts on “Puzzle Perfect for Bookworms

  1. Looks like a fun puzzle! Of the ones on the puzzle, I’ve read The Hobbit, Black Beauty, The Dairy of Anne Frank, Oliver Twist, and To Kill a Mockingbird. (Maybe a few more, but I couldn’t quite make out the titles!) I’ve also attempted to read Frankenstein, but never made it very far. I’ve never read The Grapes of Wrath, but I’ve enjoyed John Steinbeck’s books in the past, so I think I’d like to try to read it sometime!


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