How I Feel about Nonfiction

Yes, I am a bookworm. Yes, I love fantasies and classics. I love fiction, and for the most part can’t really get into nonfiction. However, every so often I came across a nonfiction I get inspired by or rather enjoy. What exactly are some of the nonfiction books I love?

I am Malala

I honestly don’t know what me to read that particular book. Still loved it though.


Yes, I am not a cat person. However, this tale of a cat is incredible- it is about the life of a cat, who technically lives in a library.

One Hundred Story Home

One of my biggest passions belongs to volunteering. My favorite area of volunteering belongs to helping those, who live in poverty. This all began after coming across “Same Kind of Different as Me”. She invited Rob Hall and Denver Moore to speak at Urban Ministry Center. Well, after getting a tour of the faculty and saying that they do- that made Denver ask a question. It was “where are the beds?”. He literally was like you do all this to help and yet nowhere to sleep.

So Kathy Izard thought of the idea of creating an apartment to those living in “chronic homelessness”. Literally- how can you find a job with no address? Moore Place not only provides a place to sleep. It also helps them find a job, and they do work with a counselor. Moore Place was the first step towards getting people off the street- they get a place to live first.

Same Kind of Different as Me

Well, this book is about a friendship between a homeless man and a non-homeless man. It is incredible seeing their relationship unfold.


The Day the World Came to Town- this is the events that happened in Gander, Newfoundland. I really enjoyed Come From Away, which made me get fascinated by the real story. That is what this book is truly about.

I Was Anastasia- Yes, I wanted to see Anastasia this year, but COVID. Yes, I am fully aware of what really happened. Well, in a way part of the events were true. So, there did begin a “what if” story- as in what if Anastasia survived. In way, I can see the book as nonfiction even though technically it is historical fiction.


Well, this is referring mainly to the ones on the TBR list. Considering that I really loved the story of Come From Away and considering how much I wanted to see Anastasia, it would be of no surprise I want to read both books. In some ways, getting that Anastasia book did somewhat make up for not seeing the musical this year.

5 thoughts on “How I Feel about Nonfiction

  1. This looks like a pretty nice list of books! I’d like to read more nonfiction outside of what I read for school, but I often find it hard to decide what types of nonfiction I’d like to read in times like those! Maybe I’ll have to take a look at a few of the ones that you’ve got here on your list!


  2. I really enjoyed I am Malala too! For me, nonfiction is hit or miss. There are some I adore, but a lot I find a bit dry and boring unless I’m really interested in the topic. With fiction, usually I feel more interested than in nonfiction.


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