Favorite Actors for Characters

All musical theatre fans have their favorite actor for characters. Those can come from films, concerts, and the stage show. I decided to make a list of that today. You may either agree or disagree, but they are only opinions. If it wasn’t for some of these actors, I may not have fallen in love with the characters they played. I am fully aware that some people don’t know some of those actors.

Some of them actually have an advantage- either by being first, the only one in a role, and may only remember one cast. Some of them I am leaving off due to not being able to spell the name or can’t decide.

My favorite male actors for characters

  1. Eymard Cabling- The Engineer
  2. Anthony Festa- Chris
  3. Jeremy Secomb- Javert
  4. Joshua Grosso- Marius
  5. Phil Daniels- Monsieur Thenardier
  6. Daniel Huttlestone- Gavroche
  7. Ashley Park Angel- Fiyero
  8. Joey Barreiro- Jack Kelly
  9. Mena Massoud- Aladdin
  10. Sam Lips- Pippin

My favorite female actors for characters

  1. Amanda Jane Copper- Glinda
  2. Mary Kate Morrissey- Elphaba
  3. Jillian Butler- Cosette
  4. Samantha Barks- Eponine
  5. Katy Secombe- Madame Thenardier
  6. Young Cosette- Isabelle Allen
  7. Emily Bautista- Kim
  8. Nia Halloway- Nala
  9. Naomi Scott- Jasmine
  10. Julie Andrews- Maria
  11. Amanda Seyfried- Sofie
  12. Lisa Karlin- Leading Player


Crazily enough, some of these actors I saw more than once playing the same role. That all happened to Les Mis actors. I had seen both the film and 25th concert, which meant I saw Samantha Barks twice as Eponine. The 2019 concert still had Katy Secombe as Madame Thenardier, who was part of my West End cast. I also was able to see the US Tour again, which still was home to Jillian Butler and Joshua Grosso.

6 thoughts on “Favorite Actors for Characters

  1. Personally, I love Dan DeLuca as Jack Kelly – I saw both the tour and the Newsies proshot and I gotta say, as much as I adore Jeremy Jordan, Dan’s Jack was perfect 👌🏼. Also, Ainsley Melham was sooo good as Aladdin when I saw the show in Brisbane, Australia. He was supposed to come back to reprise the role on Broadway back in March but then ya know, COVID…


    • After Joey Barreiro, I did see Jeremy Jordan as Jack.

      I watched the filmed stage show, but couldn’t live up to Joey Barreiro. Joey was my 1st Jack Kelly- that is a huge reason why he remains as my favorite

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  2. Some of the ones that come to mind are:
    Jeremy Hayes as Raoul
    Julia Udine as Christine
    Earl Carpenter as Javert
    Samantha Barks as Éponine
    Mark Seibert as der Tod
    Annemieke van Dam as Elisabeth
    Lukas Perman as Alfred
    Susan Rigvava-Dumas as Mrs. Danvers
    Jan Ammann as Maxim de Winter
    Willemijn Verkaik as Elphaba

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