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  1. Thank you for The Bookworm Shelf for nominating me
  2. Answer the questions
  3. Nominate up to 9 other bloggers an and ask them five new questions
  4. Notify the nominees through their their blog by visiting and commenting on their tag
  5. List the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Idea” logo
  6. Provide the link of the Award creator of of the Inspiration award as Rising Star from:

The Questions

Which is one of your favorite book characters ever and why? This is tough- there are so many I could choose (so only using characters from 2020). Kell is one of the new characters I fell in love with. He is an Antari and from Red London, where magic thrives. He is the main character of Shades of Magic. I love his relationship to Rhy (his brother), and Lila (the co-protagonist of the series).

What if one of your LEAST favorite characters ever and why? I struggle with this all the time. So, can’t answer for now.

Which book left you speechless after finishing it? Actually, A Darker Shade of Magic made me really get into kinda of early on. From just the first paragraph, I wanted to get the rest of the books.

If you could pick one book that everyone in the world, which one would it be? I would choose an old classic. It is so easy to say Les Misérables.

What is one of your biggest pet peeves in book and writing? I honestly don’t really know

My Nominees

  1. Sophie ‘n the Tea
  2. cherelle @ cherelle the bibliophile
  3. One Book More
  4. Lilly’s Little Library
  5. The Story Sponge
  6.  Book Reviews & Discussions
  7. Kira Jeanette
  8. Hundreds & Thousands of Books
  9. The Phantom of the Bookshelf

I also nominate my followers who don’t have a blog.

My Questions:

  1. What is an unpopular standalone or series you think deserves more attention
  2. If you could live in one of the fantasy worlds, what would it be
  3. If a minor character ends up as the main character of a book, who would you choose
  4. If you could combine different literary characters into a book, who would you choose
  5. What character would you love to spend time with

14 thoughts on “Ideal Inspiration Tag

  1. Thanks for the tag! Can’t wait to get to this one, though the likely hood is it won’t go live until the new year🙈 the blog is going to be really busy until the end of the year which is exciting!


  2. Loved reading your answers! (Sorry it’s been a little while since I commented by the way; going to catch up on the posts I missed right after this!) These are my answers:
    1. I really think that The Agency trilogy by Y.S. Lee deserves more attention. I don’t think it’s particularly unpopular–in that people don’t hate it, as far as I know–but it’s definitely not a very popular trilogy!
    2. This is a tough choice! I think I’ll go with Middle-Earth, though!
    3. I’d really love to see Atreyu be the main character of The Neverending Story. He’s not exactly a minor character, but I think it’d be cool to see more of the story through his eyes!
    4. Hmm… I’m not really sure! I guess I’ll take Éponine, Raoul, and Sydney Carton! I don’t really know what’d wind up transpiring from there, but I think it could be interesting.
    5. I’d love to hang out with Hero from Friday’s Child. She gets herself into a lot of trouble, but she’s also just a big sweetheart and I think she’d be a good friend.


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