Should some Books be given a 2nd Chance

There is something I haven’t figured out yet. I was wondering are there books to give a 2nd chance. Those would belong mostly to tragedies part of high school. I was close-minded to the genre. All because of Les Misérables, I learned to love the genre. Here were some of the stories I was stuck reading.

  1. Romeo and Juliet
  2. Julius Caesar
  3. Macbeth
  4. Of Mice and Men
  5. The Giver
  6. Lord of the Flies
  7. The Great Gatsby
  8. Frankenstein

I really don’t know if I should give any of those a 2nd chance. I thought tragedies were pure sad, but clearly I didn’t fully understand it.

11 thoughts on “Should some Books be given a 2nd Chance

  1. I’m all for giving some books a second chance! There are sometimes books that I feel like I read at the wrong time in my life, or that I didn’t give a proper chance to in the first place and those are the ones I typically give a second chance. But then, there are some books that I just didn’t like and probably will never give another chance to!


    • I am a little more open-minded to books now- Les Misérables helped with that.

      I literally told myself I will NEVER love a tragedy. So my parents took me to the film without telling me. Had to be given a 2nd chance- I gave Les Mis a 2nd chance. Just don’t know which other ones should

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