A Christmas Carol Review

I finally opened up A Christmas Treasury on Sunday. I am so glad that the first book was A Christmas Carol. I was able to finish that story in only one day. A Christmas Carol is my favorite Christmas Classic. I was raised on the George C. Scott movie, which became a family tradition. My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Carol.

Of all Dickens’ books, A Christmas Carol is my favorite. I really love how it truly shows the spirit of Christmas. Filled with a lot of memorable characters- only one of them creeps me out. It has a lot of meaning to me. A Christmas Carol is an incredible way to start getting in the Christmas spirit. In addition, if you hope to start reading classics, A Christmas Carol is an incredible one to start with. It is an easy and fast book to read.

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol Review

  1. Maybe I’ll reread A Christmas Carol over the weekend, or sometime soon! It’s not super long so it should be pretty manageable! Plus, it’s such a good story!


    • A Christmas Carol is an amazing way to actually start loving the classics- it is a short book.

      A Christmas Carol is the 1st book in A Christmas Treasury. Reading other short stories I didn’t know even existed.


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