A Treasury of Hans Christian Anderson (Part 1)

I knew that reading this author would be complicated. That was all due to it being a treasury of his books. So what if I do that in parts- as in the ones I read during a certain period. I read these short short stories in between Little Women and A Christmas Treasury.

Here are the ones I read this time around:

  1. The Year’s Story
  2. It is Perfectly True
  3. The Sawn’s Nest
  4. The Pixy and the Grocer
  5. The Millennium
  6. Under the Willow Tree
  7. Five Peas in the Same Pod
  8. The Piggy Bank
  9. Ib and Little Christiana
  10. Clod Hans
  11. The Bottle
  12. The Old Oak’s Last Dream
  13. The Bog Tree’s Daughter
  14. The Pen and the Inkwell
  15. The Dead Child
  16. The Cock and the Weathercock
  17. The Dung Beetle
  18. What Father does is Always Right Right
  19. The Showman
  20. The Ice Maiden

Hans Christian Anderson does create some funny and incredible characters. They are just easy stories to read when you need a little break. A lot of the characters feel so human when they actually aren’t. It is really fun reading short stories from him. This batch of characters consists of talking toys, three hens with unrequited love, and some of them feel like fantasy character. I actually thought the concept of hens with unrequited love was funny- even though I know unrequited love isn’t something to laugh at out.

2 thoughts on “A Treasury of Hans Christian Anderson (Part 1)

  1. I love Hans Christian Anderson! One of the first books I ever remember buying was a full collection of his stories. I really enjoy his storytelling!


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