Musicals I Might Want to See

Yes, I have my main list of musicals I want to list. What if this time, I talked about musicals that I never really wanted on that list, but do now. This shall be interesting.

West Side Story

All I saw was the movie. For some strange reason, the dancing was a bit off for me. I liked it just enough to own the songs. I didn’t t exactly like Romeo and Juliet, but I thought that this modern retelling was much better. Well, I first watched West Side Story after I already became open to tragic musicals. I really just want to see if the dancing improved on stage. Sounds like a strange reason to want to see this particular musicals. I have a ton of mixed feelings on this musical, but at least it is strong enough to even get the songs.

Dear Evan Hansen

It the plot that through me off guard. I am like “seriously this plot is about a big lie”. That wasn’t really appealing to me at all. However, found a love for a couple of the songs- “Waving Through the Window” is the one I loved the most. I just disliked the idea of a “big lie” being in a musical, so I never understood the hype. In a way, I can relate to Evan- while I don’t have a mental disorder, I actually have some learning challenges. However, I never once felt like I needed to fit in. That is because it is so natural to just be me- I almost feel as if God gave me the gift of staying true to yourself. He even gave me a “strong spirit”. So, there is a strong possibility I want to see- it already toured to Charlotte, but is doing again Fall of 2021. Dear Evan Hansen is the show that is coming right before Hadestown.


I can’t think of anymore that falls under this.

3 thoughts on “Musicals I Might Want to See

  1. I haven’t really listened to too many songs from either of these musicals, but maybe I should give ’em a little more of a chance! I think the main reason I haven’t really listened to too many songs from Dear Evan Hansen is because among the songs I’ve heard from the show, they just didn’t really strike a chord with me. Maybe I’ll have to check back in again, though!


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