In a lot of a ways, I can almost see mythology as a type of fantasy. Think about- both of them have made-up worlds, characters, and quests. So, they are very similar to each other. So, what if this time I talked about both the fantasy and mythology books I love.

Percy Jackson

I read this series in middle school. Only read the original five, and not any after. Percy Jackson is part of why I mythology.


While I do like the Iliad, I do love The Odyssey. I feel as if Odyssey feels more like a myth. There are gods, goddesses, creatures, beasts, and a quest. The mythology unit in 10th grade literature was one of my favorites. That was when I first read Iliad/Odyssey- now have finished the entire works.

Harry Potter

A lot of people love this series. I love the wizarding world- from Hogwarts to Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade. There are so many characters I love in this series. I love the different trials the trio has to take. Actually, if you love HP, I would recommend Lord of the Rings. I am planning to reread this series.

Lord of the Rings

HP and Lord of the Rings are similar to each other, but at the same time feel different. I really think J.K. Rowling got a lot of inspiration from Lord of the Rings. Merry/Pippin reminds me of Fred/George, Sam/Frodo reminds me of the trio, the ring sounds very familiar to the horcruxes- among other similarities. So, I would check out this series if I were you.

Shades of Magic

Well if you love lots of magic, the city of London, a character-driven and fast-paced stories, and lots of suspense and plot twists, then I think you will love this series. What V.E. Schawb managed to do is create a new language. I love the relationship found between Kell and Lila. There is yet another object in Shades of Magic that reminds me of the rings, which is the black stone.

Land of Stories

This is filled with many fairy-tale characters we are familiar with. Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, and others. Literally, this book technically takes place in a book. There are some new characters as well- such as the twins and the characters eventually found in Conner’s books.


It is difficult to describe why I loved this book. The world is interesting and is filled with suspense and plot twists. I love the characters in there. Here is what is crazy- the corrupted wood in some ways acts as a characters. If you love this book, then check that Spinning Silver

Spinning Silver

Due to loving Uprooted, I knew I had to read this book. It is an incredible retelling of Rumplestillskin. Everything feels so original- the characters, the world, and the plot. It doesn’t really feel like a retelling. I get so nervous with retellings, but from the basic summary alone, I knew that I love this series.

Sister’s Grimm

In a way, it is similar to Land of Stories. Just like that series, there are fairy-tale creatures we are familiar with.


I love the relationship found between the three girls. I just love the magic that is found in the stones. Each of the girls have a different talent. Each of them are really close to one of the animals. They are taking animals.

Princess Bride

Well, this is both a classic both and classic movie. It never gets old. Actually, the book and movie are quite faithful to each other. True love, miracles, quests, and among other things. It is funny. Here is my only problem with the book- the chapters are too long.


I will eventually read the Nevermoor series. After hearing that fans of HP will love the series, I want to read this series. At the moment, I really can’t think of many fantasy books or series I hope to read. So far, that TBR list is only classics.

I don’t really know if I want to read other retellings. They make me a bit nervous.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy/Mythology

  1. Lots of good books on this list! I used to be hesitant about retellings, too, but I’ve found that they can be pretty fun if they’re done right! I enjoy it when retellings use elements of the original stories but put their own unique spins and deviations onto the storyline.


    • Spinning Silver- it helped already falling in love with Uprooted. Loved Uprooted by Naomi Novik- knowing that did help.

      It still kept elements from the original story, but never once felt like a retelling


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