Good News for Blumenthal

I have high hopes for Blumenthal Performing Arts next year. Despite the pandemic, Blumenthal found a way to keep performing arts alive- events at The Square, the Art Heist, etc….But, I believe I heard some really good news.

Yes, not scheduled for Charlotte, but “For the First Time in Forever”, I believe intermission will end next year. After checking out Frozen’s US Tour, I have found there is a schedule for tours- until 2022. That information alone is strong hopes that the tours will return- I missed out on Wicked, Anastasia, and Frozen. Frozen was the biggest disappointment- due to that, I decided to ask for the Original Broadway Soundtrack for Christmas. I think Charlotte has a 21/22 season going to come out.

It really has been a sloth-natured intermission. I was getting a little jealous of the UK when I heard they were doing musicals in The West End and other UK locations- The US felt like it was getting nowhere. But, but finally learning that there are Frozen dates makes me more hopeful.

Now, I believe I will get my 1st musical next year- that will end up being Hadestown

4 thoughts on “Good News for Blumenthal

    • I was trying to see more than just Come From Away.

      There were three I badly wanted to see this year- Anastasia, Frozen, and Wicked. Frozen left the biggest disappointment.

      Hadestown needs to happen next year- coming in October. That is the musical I want to see the most next year. October might leave that musical at an advantage.

      The US never been through a 2nd lockdown- only individual states have done that. Not all though.

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