A Christmas Treasury Poems

Birth and Adventures of Santa Claus

This poem felt more like a short story- it so far is the longest poem. Basically, it is about how did Santa Claus come about. How was we born and what he eventually did. It is an interesting take on the beginnings of Santa Claus.

Christmas Greetings Review

This is a Christmas poem that it basically about the children during Christmas Eve. It is short, but still enjoyable to read. Lewis Carroll is most well known for Alice in Wonderland, but still short stories.

A Visit from St. Nicholas Review

Now, we are venturing into the classic Christmas poems from a Christmas Treasury. Turns out, I knew the first poem more I thought. It all starts on Christmas Eve and about the visiting of Santa Claus at someone’s house. 

I was able to recognize some lines. “Twas the night before Christmas, when all though the house, not a creature was stirring, no even a mouse”. I heard those words before, but never knew it was from a Christmas poem.

Mrs Kriss Kringle Review

Well, at first I was like who is Kriss Kringle. I had no idea that was one of St. Calus’ names. I kept on wondering why does this poem by Edith M. Thomas even called Mrs. Kriss Kringle. It felt more like it was connected to Kriss Kringle- in a way, this poem can be interpreted as a poem about a letter from Mrs. Kriss Kringle to her husband.

A Dear Little Schemer Review

May Mapes Dodge wrote this classic short poem. It was such a cute story. It was all about a young girl, who used her mother’s stocking instead of hers due to her feet being too small.

The Little Christmas Tree Review

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the smell, decorations, and lights of a Christmas Tree with presents underneath. This is by Susan Coolidge. 

That tree may be small, but is still a wonderful Christmas tree. It has a lot of Christmas Spirit and does find itself useful. It ends up being the tree of a baby girl. Some Christmas Trees may be small, but they still are amazing trees.

When his Whip goes Crack

This poem shows a lot of Christmas spirit through Santa Claus’ whip. It is was an adorable poem.

Christmas Snow

This reminded me of the snow during Christmas. It talks all about when it snows on Christmas. That is like the White Christmas that people long to see.

A New-Fashioned Christmas

This was about someone actually seeing Santa Claus on Christ Eve. It shows when old customs leave and new ones come in. That happens all the time- how we celebrate Christmas. It does change, but the spirit remains the same.

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