What I Relate to in Wicked

I have said multiple times that Elphaba is my favorite musical theatre character. However, I never once explained why. I think today will be a good time to really explain. So far, Mary Kate Morrissey is my favorite Elphaba- she was the standby when I saw her, and I never realized I was watching a standby- I felt as if I watched the main Elphaba.

Just like Elphaba, I am big-hearted, unique, smart, impulsive and do believe in staying true to myself and equality. However- Elphaba was one of the first characters I came across that was different. Well, I know what that’s like- being different. I have struggled with disabilities throughout my entire life. I am on the Autism-Spectrum, have learning disabilities, and struggle with Epilepsy. I accepted my disabilities except for one, which isn’t easy to deal with during a pandemic. Having learning disabilities is part of why I was a hardworking and determined student. In high school, I got accepted into Beta Club, and one of my main goals was to stay in that club.

Something I loved at GWU was that they ended up with a Disability Honor Society. I actually was among the first inductees into that group. Well- I was part of an autism/asperger’s social club- originally I didn’t even want to join, but after becoming the leader, I started to love it- we had a lot of fun from game nights to video game nights to campfires, etc….

What I am the most insecure about is my Epilepsy- that is the only part of myself I haven’t accepted yet. Dealing with that during a pandemic is really really difficult especially if it hasn’t’ been quite figured out- that is true. Yes, volunteering and reading books are an escape. However, going to a musical is, in some ways, a bigger escape- that is all because of the power of live theater. It was so difficult to see musicals I really wanted to see get postponed- that is why I think I will be more excited when Frozen and Anastasia return. What about Wicked- well, yes it got postponed, but already saw it four times.

I used to not be misunderstood, but now every once in a while, I feel that way. It is not just my interests that don’t line up- it includes my disabilities. My interests are some things you may not except from a young adult millennial- I love the old classic books, my favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Carol, and musical theatre. Well, I haven’t exactly found friends who share that interest in musical theatre- I think that is part of what I love about blogging- to have an outlet. I really want to have a close-knit group of friends who love going to musical theatre- in a way, kinda of like a book club, but a musical theatre group. Yes, I am an extrovert, but struggle with making new friends after university ended.

3 thoughts on “What I Relate to in Wicked

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Meg. I get that feeling of not really having anybody to talk about my interests with in real life. Blogging has definitely expanded my horizons and I love connecting with people as obsessed with books and musicals as I am! Great post ❤️

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  2. Loved reading this post! I’m glad that you have blogging as an outlet and that you can share with all of us your love for all sorts of things! Something I’ve enjoyed most about joining this blogging community is having come across your blog and getting to read new posts from you every day! Wishing you all the best!


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