Musicals I Don’t Want to See

All musicals have their favorite movies along with a list of musicals they hope to see live. Some of them actually know some musicals they really don’t want to watch. Let me bring some of those up today.

Sweeney Todd

Well, one day from this movie, my mom and I saw a couple of the scenes. To me, this is too gruesome to me. So, in no way, I would want to see that musicals.

Chick Flick Musicals- Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, and Heathers

Honestly, I disliked chick flick movie back in high school. Just really didn’t like them- so don’t expect me to even like a musical that is based off of them. After hearing additional facts about Heathers, I knew there would be no way I would watch this musical.

What are some musicals you never want to watch?

9 thoughts on “Musicals I Don’t Want to See

  1. I had my doubts about Mean Girls being a musical but then I saw it on Broadway and I was pleasantly surprised. It was really really good!


  2. Legally Blonde, Heathers, and Mean Girls have songs I like, but I probably wouldn’t go to see them either. I think I’d, personally, much rather go and see something else if given the chance!


  3. Have seen Sweeney Todd and it was not that gruesome; not a very memorable show though.

    Have also seen any enjoyed Legally blonde:) For mr to enjoy a music lit is about it having a good storyline and good music – possibly music that rocks a little.


    • Just the thought of what happens in Sweeney Todd- so a no go.

      I always judge music first- if the songs turn not that great, I always run into a very boring show. Then I look at character and plot- that emotional connection needs to form or else you wouldn’t want to go through their stories.

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