Frozen Tag

Frozen is one of my favorite Disney musicals. Of all the shows I wanted to see that got postponed, Frozen was the biggest disappointment. So, I decided to ask for the Original Broadway Soundtrack for Christmas.

When I saw this tag at Tall Blonde Tales, there was no way I could refuse. It is a Frozen tag after all.

The Questions:

Frozen Heart- A book that depicts an intimate object as alive

Well, I did read a couple of Hans Christian Anderson short stories this year. I was seeing things like piggy banks, peas in a pod, and toys coming to to life. Yes, those are different short stories- but it works.

Do you Want to Build a Snowman- A book with a character who never gives up

This is hard. I almost feel as if the trio in HP never gives up

For the first time in forever- A book that fills you with longing

With longing- I am thinking of Chronicles of Narnia. I loved that series since I was a kid and hope to reread it starting at the beginning of next year.

Loves is an Open Door- A Book that has a sappy/overdone love story

I have to confess- it is hard for me to notice romance in books. I can spot it better on screen or on stage. Of the ones I noticed- none of feels feels overdone or sappy

Let it Go- A book with a MC who finds such joy and power in being free

What first came to mind isn’t from a story that isn’t published yet- it is one of my books.

While it says main character- I thought automatically of the antagonist from Tale of the Cattail Forest. Sarge is literally a bully due to abuse from his father (he has both emotional and physical scars). He has learned how to deal with his anger better and finally got something he desperately needed- a father-figure in his life.

That is because SPOILER he is finally given a real father-figure in his life and found a better way to control his anger. Only because my protagonist, Sparkle, helped him. She knows Aries and knows he is the one to be his father-figure, and ALL Fairy Frogs know how to control their emotions. Sparkle shows him a better way.

Reindeers are better than people – A book with a sassy animal/creature

Hmmm- this is hard. I haven’t read the Avalon series for years, but Ozzie came straight to mind

In Summer- A Book with a character that is so naive it is lovable

Defiantly one of the animals from Wind in the Willows

For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)- A book with an argument that you love

I am struggling with this- it can be hard to remember an argument in a book for me. Thinking maybe in The Two Towers when Merry and Pippin are arguing with Treebeard

Fixer Upper- A book with two imperfect characters that are perfect for each other

While yes, I struggle with finding romantic relationships. But something tells me that Kell and Lila in Shades of Magic are perfect for each other.

All is Found- a book with a mysterious underlying plot

Shades of Magic Trilogy has lots of suspense and plot twists.

Somethings never Change- A book with a character who literally never experiences a character arc

Well- this is hard. I think most likely this happens to minor characters. My MG fantasy is still coming straight to mind. Effa and Rudy (who are two identical twins in Tale of the Cattail Forest), don’t have have a character arc at all even though they do serve a purpose.

Into the Unknown- A book that gives you a thrill

Multiple books can fall under this. I am thinking Spinning Silver for this one- I usually never even attempt to read a retelling, but so glad I read this one. It is original and does give me a thrill.

When I’m Older- A book with a character who is probably too trusting

Defiantly Lord of the Rings. Frodo becomes way too trusting once Gollum enters the picture. Gollum isn’t someone to trust at all.

Lost in the Woods- A book with a hopeless romance

I honestly have no idea- I get so stumped at what “hopeless romantic” even means

Show Yourself- A book with a character that experiences an awesome transformation

Lots of books come to mind (even one of my characters does). I think I will just use one of my characters. Norg really does undergo an awesome transformation- he starts out as Sarge’s spy, but after Sarge blows up on him, he does start to become enemies with Sarge and eventually sides with the Fairy Frogs.

He and Sarge used to be friends. None of them remember that, but Norg remembered Sarge’s father. Eventually, in the book, they become friends again.

The Next Right Thing- A book who’s MC undergoes tremendous pain and rises above it

I am thinking Harry Potter for this one- during the entire series, he experiences a lot of pain, but his two best friends help him through it.

Favorite Disney Song– this question is very very very difficult. Don’t think I can choose.

Any Frozen or Disney fan should try this tag

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