The Meaningful Nature of Rent

Originally, I loved the message of Rent, and that is when it started becoming meaningful. I loved that it talked about how you should measure your life in love and live in the moment. However as time went on, I realized I could relate to the musical.

I actually can relate to the HIV/AIDS struggle. Yes, epilepsy is different from HIV, I still can understand their struggle. I can understand why they are scared, and to their stresses. Yes, different illnesses, but can affect someone in the same way. As in the parts other people can’t see- the stress, the fear, and the anxiety. Not so much the illness, but the parts people can’t see. The epilepsy I have is a huge struggle especially now- partly due to the pandemic. I can’t get one of my biggest escapes- theater is still on intermission over here.

So the message and the struggles of Rent are why it is meaningful to me. I actually saw LaBohème this year- originally my parents weren’t going to get tickets, but a church member gave the mom and I free tickets to the show. La Bohème was an opera I wanted to see for a while mostly due to it being the opera Rent is baed off to. In my opinion, La Bohème is my favorite opera.

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