Examples of Christmas Musicals

Lots of musicals exist, but only some are Christmas movies. I was thinking of talking about those today.

White Christmas

This is a musical that must be watched every year. It is the only Holiday musical movie my family owns. Just a heartwarming musical


I only saw this once. I was an usher for Charlotte’s Children’s Theater. One of the shows I saw was Scrooge, which was a Christmas Carol musical. I don’t remember much- but I do remember loving Tiny Tim in one of his solos, but don’t remember the name of the songs. I think if you love A Christmas Carol, you should watch this.

A Christmas Story- The Musical

I have to confess, I don’t usually watch the movie every year. At first, the movie wasn’t that successful, but somehow eventually became a popular Christmas movie. When I heard the musical was coming to Charlotte, I didn’t want to see it. However, after joining Club Blume over the Summer, I decided to go to that informance just to start being part of that group. The moment I heard that that the song writers wrote the songs for Greatest Showman, I decided to go to the musical.

This musical is entertaining and hilarious. It has a collection of fun and emotional (not in the sad sense) songs. I remember loving my Ralphie- just don’t know who played him. I almost had my Randy twice- when I saw Les Mis last year, this actor was one of the Gavroche’s, but I had the other instead.

1 thought on “Examples of Christmas Musicals

  1. Just watched Scrooge the other day! Watching the 1970 film version’s a tradition for us; I just love it so much! I’ve never seen A Christmas Story… I should probably get to that at some point!


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