The Christmas Song Book Tag

I was nominated by Kira for the Christmas Song Book Tag.


“Your’e a Mean One Mr. Grinch” (Name a villainous character you couldn’t help but love)– It is hard for me to even think of one. It is hard to love any villain unless they redeem themselves.

“All I Want for Christmas is you” (what book you most hope to see under your Christmas tree)– Can books count? I really want to see the Harry Potter series under my tree- that is 7 books.

“Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” (Name a character that overcomes major obstacles and learn to believe in themselves”)– I am thinking maybe Harry Potter

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

a) Which character do you think would on the top of the naughty list– So many characters could be on the top of this list- as in any of the villains.

b) Which character do you think should be on the top of the nice list? Boy, there are lots of characters that can be on the top of the nice list.

“Frosty the Snowman” (which book just melts your heart): What came to mind first belongs to the books of my childhood. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The BFG were the first two books.

“Feliz Navidad” (choose a book that takes place in a country other than your own)– luckily I live in the US. Most of the books I read don’t take place there. So many locations, but what came to mind first was Ancient Greece- I did read the entire Iliad and Odyssey

“It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year” (which holiday themed book do you spread the Christmas joy)– A Christmas Carol, and that is my favorite Christmas book. The first book found in A Christmas Treasury is A Christmas Carol.

“Sleigh Ride” (which fictional character would you choose to spend the holidays with (doesn’t have to be a love interest) – This is difficult. Actually, I believe I would love to spend Christmas with the Fairy Frogs. These are characters that I created- they are naturally gifted in the arts, compassionate and clever.

“Baby it’s Cold Outside (which book that you didn’t like that would you sacrifice to warm yourself up in the cold?)– I don’t think I even want to burn up a book. If I didn’t like it, I would rather give it away.

“Do you Hear what I Hear” (which book do you think everyone should read)– This can be a difficult question due to people’s interests. Some prefer fantasy, classics, nonfiction, etc…. So, I will list a book in more than one genre.

For standalone fantasy- I think either Uprooted or Spinning Silver

For a fantasy series- maybe Shades of Magic

Nonfiction- well, if you love coffee, Starbucks, or wanting to open up a business, I will choose Pour Your Heart Into It (that is all about how Starbucks got founded and eventually became successful.

Classic Lovers- Bleak House by Charles Dickens

4 thoughts on “The Christmas Song Book Tag

      • Let’s see…
        1) This one’s a tough one. Hmm… I don’t know! I guess that the only one that really comes to mind right now would be Scrooge at the beginning of A Christmas Carol. Obviously, Scrooge is the protagonist and not really a villain, but he was the closest one I could think of!
        2) I didn’t have any particular books that I was looking forward to receiving this Christmas, but my grandma gave me a copy of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I already had a copy of the book, but it’s one of my favorites and I’m happy to have another copy!
        3) I think of Bastian from The Neverending Story for this one!
        4a) Hmm… this one’s kind of tough because there are just so many characters that could be on the naughty list. I think I’ll go with Pel from The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer. He’s not really a villain or even a terribly bad guy, so maybe the top of the naughty list is a bit extreme for him, but when I think of a naughty list, I think someone like Pel might wind up on there. He causes a little bit of trouble, but doesn’t do all that much harm.
        4b) For this one, I’ll put Marius and Raoul. They’d definitely be on the nice list.
        5) I think of A Christmas Carol for this one! It’s just a story that really touches my heart and makes me very happy.
        6) Let’s see… since I spent the last semester reading a lot of Shakespeare, I guess I’ll go with Hamlet, as it takes place in Denmark.
        7) I’d have to go with A Christmas Carol here, too! Maybe Little Women, as well.
        8) I think I’d love to spend the holidays with the March family. It just sounds like a perfect holiday season to me!
        9) Haha, yeah… I think I’d rather avoid burning a book, too!
        10) Personally, I think The Neverending Story would be my biggest recommendation. I think it has the ability to be pretty appealing to people of a huge variety of ages, and it’s also got a lot to offer. Kids will probably like the fantastical world and the memorable characters, while also enjoying the morals that come with the story, while adults will also be able to enjoy all of those same aspects, while maybe also seeing a little more depth in the story as well.

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