2020 Theater Shows

Every year towards the end, I usually talk about all the musicals I saw this year. But, things are different this year- with shows being postponed. Here are the musicals/operas I saw these.

Come From Away

This was actually my only musical of the year. It is home to a wonderful story about humanity shown in the middle of tragedy. Taking place during 9/11, it happens in Gander, Newfoundland. At the last minute, the town had to welcome a lot of others. 38 planes had to stop and the closest was in Newfoundland- a lot of humanity was shown.


La Bohème

While yes, this is an opera. However, musicals and operas do fall under the same umbrella. Don’t forget- they do share some similarities. I wanted to see this opera for a while- my love of Rent drove me to wanting to see this opera. After all, Rent is based off of La Bohème.

Now, I finally saw it and it became my favorite opera. This is an opera that almost never happened- my parents weren’t going to get me tickets. From a church member, we were given two free tickets. My mom and I went together.

La Bohème is a tragic but beautiful opera. I remember almost losing it at the end.


2 thoughts on “2020 Theater Shows

  1. I’m glad you were able to see these two shows this year! 2020, for me, didn’t have any live theatre, unfortunately! Got to watch musical movies, etc., though, so better than nothing!


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