December 2020 in Review

December is always that month that has something to look forward to. Now, what was my December like?


For starters, I managed to finish two books. Pour Your Heart Into It was my only nonfiction book of this year, and I enjoyed it. My 2nd read was I Was Anastasia.

Holiday Village

This was a combination of lights and shopping at the Knights Stadium. There were lots of fun lights and sometimes you walked under “snow”. I actually bought a Hufflepuff Bracelet and Peppermint Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows. I waited till the end to get the hot chocolate.


While disappointing not to have Lessons and Carols and The Candlelight Christmas Eve Service, I still was able to find the joy and spirit of Christmas. I loved Christmas Dinner even thought it was just my intermediate family.

Christmas is a Holiday that is always exciting. Christmas actually is my favorite Holiday. I am always the first one up. My stocking is usually the first thing I open up- A Charlotte Snowglobe, Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate Bracelet, and I did ask if my Hufflepuff bracelet could be in my stocking. The only other stocking gift I got was the Disney Calendar- usually that counts as a Santa gift.

As far as Christmas presents goes: Harry Potter Series, Singular Sensation: The Triumph of Broadway, Man Who Invented Christmas: both book and movie, a Les Mis pillow, a Christmas bracelet,and a kindle with a Secret Garden-like cover. The shirt I am wearing is also a gift as well.

I actually now own some books on my kindle. I am currently reading Howls Moving Castle- which I am enjoying. I actually am almost finished with.

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