Musicals- Some I love/ones on my TBW

Well, I decided to have a post focusing on some of the musicals I love. In addition, I thought of including my TBW list as well. Some of these are pretty obvious.


August 2006 was when I was in NYC with my mom. Little did I know when I stepped into The Gershwin Theater how much my life would change. Wicked means a lot to me. It is such a powerful and spectacular musical. I am emotionally connected with Fiyero, Glinda, and specifically Elphaba.

With the center core being about friendship between two strong and complex women, it makes it so amazing. Fiyero, Elphaba, and Glinda create a very complex love triangle. To this day, Elphaba remains my favorite musical theatre character.

Les Mis

A lot of people knew this was coming. Les Mis is a musical I wouldn’t expect to like. In high school, I told myself I will NEVER love a tragedy. I thought I knew musicals- believing all were happy, believing a death scene couldn’t me memorable, believing sad reached its limits- it was just all I knew. I had to go into the Les Mis film blind that the musical was a tragedy- to get me to see it.

The 1st time wasn’t the best experience at all. I was confused and shocked that it was a tragedy. I didn’t even know how to respond. still don’t know why, but something told me March 2013 that I had to give the film a 2nd chance. After that, the rest is history- from the stage show to the concerts to the film. It took some time to get adjusted to what Les Mis challenged and disproved and slowly becoming an emotional wreck.


This is my favorite childhood musical. It really does mean a lot to me.

Disney Musicals

I decided to group these all into one category. There are multiple Disney musicals I love. From Newsies, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Lion King, and Aladdin. They all have incredible songs, characters, and plots.

Rodgers and Hammerstein

My favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical is Sound of Music. I loved it since childhood. In addition to Sound of Music, I love Oklahoma, South Pacific and Cinderella.


I love the overall message of Rent. There is an unique group of characters and songs. It actually me to want to watch La Bohème, the opera it is based off of.


This was my 3rd Stephen Schwartz I fell in love with. Wicked and Godspell are the two others. Pippin has a message that I think everyone can relate to- trying to figure out where you belong.

Phantom of the Opera

This is actually my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. It has a very mystical, mysterious, haunting and angelic and beautiful feeling to it.

My TBW List- will include some I just said

  1. Frozen
  2. Anastasia
  3. Wicked- if seen again, 5th
  4. Beauty and the Beast- thought I saw it it live, but turns out I didn’t
  5. Oliver- saw it once, but don’t remember
  6. Something Rotten
  7. Once
  8. Hadestown
  9. Les Mis- always on the list

Frozen, Anastasia, and Wicked got postponed in 2020. Really looking forward to when Anastasia and Frozen will come back to Charlotte.

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