Books I Love- Sorted by Genre

I never really made a list of all the books I love. What if I make a list this time and explore all of the ones I love. I will sort by genre since some fall under different genres. The genres I love the most are classics and fantasies. Most likely, some books will be left off.


  1. Les Misérables- yes, read the entire unabridged
  2. Hunchback of Notre Dame
  3. Secret Garden
  4. Little Women
  5. Tom Sawyer
  6. Huckleberry Finn
  7. A Christmas Treasury
  8. Oliver Twist
  9. Nicholas Nickleby
  10. Bleak House
  11. Great Expectations
  12. David Copperfield
  13. A Christmas Carol
  14. Tale of Two Cities
  15. Mayor of Casterbridge
  16. Don Quixote
  17. The Iliad
  18. The Odyssey
  19. Wind in the Willows

Fantasy- can include Mythology

  1. Lord of the Rings
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Land of Stories
  4. Avalon
  5. Sister’s Grimm
  6. Chronicles of Narnia
  7. Shades of Magic
  8. His Dark Materials
  9. Uprooted
  10. Spinning Silver
  11. Percy Jackson
  12. Howl’s Moving Castle- as in the series


  1. And Then There Was None
  2. Murder on the Orient Express


  1. Pour Your Heart Into It
  2. Freedom Writers
  3. Hundred Story Home
  4. Same Kind of Different as Me
  5. I am Malala

2 thoughts on “Books I Love- Sorted by Genre

  1. This is a great list! It’s awesome how you read such a wide variety of genres! That’s definitely something I want to do more of in the future. I feel like I mostly read historical fiction these days–which is something I love–but I’d love to branch out a little more! I used to read so much fantasy, so I really want to get back to that, in particular!


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